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little rant

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EXCELED   Canada. Apr 08 2009 11:09. Posts 401
I havnet posted in a bit because Ive been pretty lazy and to be honest... theres not much to update. I have been running like absolute shit the last while and its frustrating as hell. Im getting my money in good a lot of the time and ppl just keep drawing uot on me for fuck sakes. My last 10k hands are fucked you should see soe of the coolers. Ive also been breakeven for them too! I just cant get any momentum going. I get up a bit then some fuck will call my 4 bet with A9 when I have KK and the flop will come 299. Its frustrating. I am minus $200 on all ins. I checked and over 75% of them I am favoured when I get it in. If it werent for rakeback id be way more pissed. I need a fucking heater and I need it now plz.

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Cro)Deadman   Croatia. Apr 08 2009 12:32. Posts 3943

same old,same old...

Metagame Purposes. 


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