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LAPT chile & ps s-mill FT

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CamilaPunt   Brasil. Jan 19 2009 15:53. Posts 2379
Anyone here at LAPT chile? Looking for friendly faces

Hotel here is amazing, kinda in the sea, so yu feel like your in a ship, just a beautiful view.

Don't usually post tourney scores but sunday mill is an exception. So yesterday i luck sacked my way to the ft with over 8k users, ended up losing in 8th though. Lost to a pretty sick monkey who had in a few previous hands won AQ v AK ai, 99 vs JJ on flop ai and he finally beat me on a ep raiser, he sb flat, i bb raise, ep fold he flat call, flop 225 i bet he ca, turn 3 i bet he shove i call and he has a4 and i had AA.

Pretty sick to lose like this caue the table had only bad/scared money players . Oh well maybe the good luck will go to the lapt.

Anyways enough of brag/slit wrists, if anyone here i am in room 520.

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Raidern   Brasil. Jan 19 2009 16:32. Posts 4239

bixa!! devia ter me falado!

gl no chile! :D

im a regular at nl5 


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