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Good month but I suck

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SKoT   United States. Mar 24 2008 00:44. Posts 1768
Because I still dont play enough

ugh. Running over 10bb/100 so far but obv small sample size because I can't motivate myself to play even though I could use the money. Spring break chopped 9 days out of the month for me, but still I have trouble playing 1k hands/day.

lagging up my style as of late, and has been working out pretty well. Trying to go from a 17/14 to a 24/21.

I know I'm playing well but arghhhh

in any case, taking shots @ 100nl and those are going solid. Hope to be 100nl full time by end of March.

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frenchylucky   Finland. Mar 24 2008 02:41. Posts 1788

nice one , let s roll..all the best

I was playing poker with tarot cards the other night. I got a full house and four people died. WTF...welcome to finland... 


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