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HU feedback on my 5-max game

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BaB   Czech Republic. Jan 12 2008 08:31. Posts 44
Well, hello folks. As i said last time , iam going to force myself to blog more. So whats happened in the first 10 days in January in poker? I have played some HU at the beggining of the week and realized how bad overaggro fish i am. I was mostly betting or folding, no deception game, no feelers bet and if so, i wasn't very sure what i am doing and if it is right time to do. Shortly said, the reality that iam setminer and whalefish hunter came on me pretty hard. Ok i got it, enough of beating myself The positive is i did change my mind for sure about a lot of poker stuff and after watching some of the HU vids ( cardrunners ) i came back stronger than ever ( still prolly weak overalll :D ) and was able to outplay most of the HU players.


Stats are for the first 10 days in January. As you can see i drastically changed my game. Feeling great about that for now, we will see if its going to be working in future. If i see, its not going any great, ill tighter a little.

Need to say i did never play HU although iam playing poker like for 1.5 year. Now iam regretting this a little, but ok...i can handle it (//wrist)

I am now absolutely sure, that playing HU will make me better 5-6 max player. I heared this in past a lot but never did a stab, until now. So i really recommend to any novice / struggling player to include HU in their repertoar, i assure you, you are not going to regret this.

All you need to do is start to play HU, no matter versus who ( dropping 1 stake is good idea ) and put some new pressure on yourself and get new insight. If you are habitual multitabler 10tables+ (like i was) really make sure, you are playing max 2 tables ( 1 is optimum on start ). Once you grasp whats going on in HU, you will be amazed, how this change your attitude in 5-6 max games.

Its always good to have something / someone what/whose helps you out in the beggining. For me it was CR vid's ( CTS, GB, ABA, Brystmar ) which worked very well and iam recommending em all. Tutor (higher stakes than you) would be the best option i think, but also more expensive, its up to everyone.

Ok, cya next time, hopefully i'll be full of optimism as iam now :D

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Feel the rain on your skin. 

Svenman87   United States. Jan 12 2008 09:45. Posts 4636

isnt bab like a uber part of the Russian Army?

I forget -.-

bane   United States. Jan 12 2008 10:17. Posts 2379

i have never seen 5max

BaB   Czech Republic. Jan 12 2008 14:40. Posts 44

#1: If so i never heard of it

#3: Prolly new to poker? If so 5-max is close to 6-max and is playing on Ongame network mainly.

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