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December summary

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BaB   Czech Republic. Jan 11 2008 07:02. Posts 44
December summary

Ok hello everyone, little update of how i was running throughout december. Unfortunatelly i lost my PT data, so no statistics or graph

The month started really well, i won like 15 buyins in the first week. After that i was struggling a little and lost like 4 buyins.
During the christmas time i did't play at all, except 2 days before the New Year Eve while i've got another heater, so i finished up like 1800 for the whole month (25k hand) + 1500 in bonuses. I have cashouted like 3k that month because of christmas expenzes and i've bought for myself a new notebook, which im very happy for.

I have made some New Year resolutions about poker:

- Play less amount of tables and tend to play HU as well ( max 6 tables 5-max or 2 HU )
- Give a shot to take some coaching lessons ( something like 50/hour max, from more sources; If you could recommend someone, thx in advance >] )
- 40/50k hand for month
- Blog more
- Give a shots to NL200 as soon as BR allows ( no more big cashouts for a while )

Summary: Im very happy for my results thorough i still make a really donkey moves every now and than. 2008 ( lol )was a decent year for me and i'm proud to say, i have nice income from poker. Hopefully my tendencies will go higher and ill be much better player in the end of 2009 ( rofl ). I wish the same for all of you ( dont play on my tables ! :D ), have a nice time, BaB

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Feel the rain on your skin.Last edit: 11/01/2008 09:33

Hjorturkall   Iceland. Jan 11 2008 08:28. Posts 483

we're starting 2008 now dude....

Live in the now - not the future


Mig hefur alltaf langað til að vitna í sjálfan mig - Ég sjálfur 

Question   Czech Republic. Jan 11 2008 08:53. Posts 1074

kde hrajes babe?na party?

BaB   Czech Republic. Jan 11 2008 09:34. Posts 44

#1: Hehe :D

#2: Tower

Feel the rain on your skin. 


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