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November summary

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BaB   Czech Republic. Dec 06 2007 08:34. Posts 44
Well, hello everyone, so whats happened in November? I run almost the same as the last month, except my visit at NL200. So im up like 500$+ cca 2000$ in bonuses. It definitely could be better if i stopped my tilt tendencies every now and then. I have to controll myself more during downswings and continue to learn controll my aggresivity postflop. Afterall im pretty satisfied with this results, bonuses are working my way up and im making more money then i can earn in normal job for just about 4-5 hours a day! I'm pretty sure my winrate will be better in time. Im playing like 3k hands a day, watching some CR videos every now and than and sometimes watching Joeik's play in real.

Because of christmas coming i've withdrawed more money this month ( looking for NL200 shots soon after christmas ). Buying some stuff to our poker house and some other stuff like this cool puzzle:
<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by" />

Otherwise i've nearly broken my left elbow, so my proggress in "gettin in shape" is slowed a bit. Im excited from "new" item in my home gym and really looking to test it (benchpress etc). Welcome my new cool bench:D :
<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by" />

Ok, results for November:
<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by" />

<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by" />

New enjoynment in our free time .. DDR !

Gl hf at tables, cya.

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DaTruf   United States. Dec 06 2007 08:44. Posts 398

cool sled

BlizzY   Slovakia. Dec 06 2007 09:05. Posts 800

nice amount of hands, but sick rake :/

The72o   Zimbabwe. Dec 06 2007 09:08. Posts 6112


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Question   Czech Republic. Dec 06 2007 10:51. Posts 1074

  On December 06 2007 08:05 BlizzY wrote:
nice amount of hands, but sick rake :/

uiCk   Canada. Dec 06 2007 11:18. Posts 3520

and thats how chinease will rule the world

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tae-g   United States. Dec 06 2007 13:14. Posts 1782

definitely a sick sled

Diagonals: oh hai guise wats goin on at this table 

tae-g   United States. Dec 06 2007 13:15. Posts 1782

5 stars

Diagonals: oh hai guise wats goin on at this table 


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