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def_jammer   Germany. Jul 18 2007 03:41. Posts 1227
hey guys long time ago since my last post.not that much happened iam playing nl200 right now but not longer at stars games are way tougher there. tomorrow i will head to vienna to play live poker i hope this is gonna be awesome but iam a bit nervous cuz its my first time to play live its gonna be 1/2 € nl and probably some low buyin donkaments well hope its gonna be fun.anyways i just finished my stake with nutshot this boy´s HOT it just took him like a week to go on his own and he also added a nice 100$ profit for me so crazy i knew that staking him was the right thing to do.guys i give you one good advice stake him for the wcoop id do it myself but i cant afford it at the moment. oh well cu bitchez holla

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MilZo   France. Jul 18 2007 08:25. Posts 1333

so where do you play now?

anyway, gl in Vienna, live pokah should be fun

S1KLYF, this is the profession we chose 


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