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Im back :)

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AleKSei   Mexico. Jun 18 2007 23:08. Posts 1261
Well after a long absence(almost 2 weeks) im back, the reasons because i left are that i lost a lot playing NL25 and i was tilting A DAMN LOT So i decided ask my friend baal to ban me for a week, obv. i was running so bad in life also that lots of my friends who owed me money didnt payed me in time to get my internet payments done, so i spent another week away from LP, i missed the Negreanu to Team Pokerstars thread .

Well my plan after a lot of thinking is to, first rebuild my roll and my confidence back, obv this isnt easy, i have been working hard doing the analisis of my plays and generally my game.

My biggest problem is that i tilt a lot, this isnt good, because running bad+tilting isnt a healthy way to get back in action, so im focusing a lot in not tilting, i must say this isnt easy, but im working OK.

Other problems are:

1.- I tend to make fancy plays, which arent at all needed at the stakes i play, so im trying to remove them completly from my game, at least for now.

2.- I tend to not give the importance to position as i should do, same VPIP almost in all positions(THIS IS REALLY BAD ALSO)

3.- IM A STATION, i just dont give credit to people enough. im folding a lot more, from 35~ Went to showdown im down to 29, still stationy but it is a lot better.

4.- I was playing really laggish when it is not needed, again not for now, i was at 29/25, i lowered that a lot, im multitabling a lot more now, my usual tables where 4~6, now im playing 12 always(NL2 again).

5.- I think im not agressive enough, after some lessons with myth he told me it was OK, my numbers are like 1.5, flop 3, turn .75 River 1.2 So im a little passive, even though i remember seeing some PoorUser stats and he was like 1.8~2 and from TalentedTom also he has quite low AF, still i dont see it that big of a deal but, i will try to work on that.

My plan:

Start all over again, play ultranitty st<x>yle in the NL2 and NL5 games, probably up to NL10, like im doing right now, im still safelly rolled to NL25 but i dont want to play there right now, im still afraid(you all will laugh, but still the same to me).

-Play at least 10k hands at NL2*
-Build a roll to 150 at least before moving up to NL5.

-Play at least 10k hands at NL5
-Build roll at least to 300 before moving to NL10.

-Play at least 10k hands at NL10.
-Build a roll to 700 before moving to NL25.

*im very short to fullfull this goal.

Here are some results from the last couple of days.


Stats from PT

Hopefully this can change for good, thanks all for reading.

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TimDawg: wtf are you doing sitting at 5kNL? gives me alone time to think about the world. 

ggplz   Sweden. Jun 18 2007 23:16. Posts 16784


lookin good so far dude, keep it up

work hard to cut out the tilt.. i have the same problem

if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 

sTrAtO   Mexico. Jun 18 2007 23:24. Posts 5882

i dont think you'll make $300 at NL5 in 10k hands :/ Imo you need a LOT more hands.

you have $55 in NL2 in almost 10K hands. So you if your ratio keeps the same way you'll be at NL5 in 30k hands

good luck

-Karla:Mira, tu película! -Yo: cuál? -Karla: Big Fish! jaja 

AleKSei   Mexico. Jun 18 2007 23:26. Posts 1261

i started with 100

TimDawg: wtf are you doing sitting at 5kNL? gives me alone time to think about the world. 

locoo   Peru. Jun 19 2007 00:05. Posts 4561

Glad to see you back

Strato it means that he just needs to win 150$ at NL5, not 300$

If you have set this goals for yourself I think its very important that you fullfill them, and you will easily I think.

PM me your MSN if you want to, I like spanish much more than english :D

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 


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