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lame poker goals woohooo

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Bytewalker   Canada. Apr 22 2007 23:28. Posts 786
OK so i'm gonna start playin more now... my goal will be to cash out $300 a week playing $25NL, all excess to that will just go to pad my bankroll, I have serious debts to pay!

I've played 15K hands since I quit my job two weeks ago and am averaging about $25/hr by 8 tabling, not too bad! $25NL is still insanely soft so fuck higher limits for awhile.

I hate having to cash this much but I'm hoping it will just motivate me to play longer sessions.

Update! So I guess I went on a bit of a heater, almost totally owning my goal in less than 5 hrs

Although I know this is a heater, I feel like I've gained a new style since I've come back, which is better suited to $25NL. My standard raise pf is only 3x bb now which I'm doing so with a wider range of hands, and making smaller post-flop bets.

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DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Apr 23 2007 01:01. Posts 8623

Why did you quit your job?

rogier   Netherlands. Apr 23 2007 01:56. Posts 1528

probably because poker earned more.

anyways $25/hour is nice especially when 8tabling (thats like 8.5-9bb/100 if youre fullring if im correct)

for me having to play took away any enjoyment and got me moody at times, hope itll go better for ya^^

Bytewalker   Canada. Apr 23 2007 02:49. Posts 786

mm, good old walmart! ($10 cad/hr)... truth be told i ran out of girls actually, i dated like 5 of them from there, but they were on to my scheme so i have to look for new hunting grounds now.. lol


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