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Arbitrage Sports Betting

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dryath   Australia. Mar 28 2017 11:39. Posts 1317
Whats up LP?

So I am wondering if anyone here is into Arbitrage Sports Betting? - If so would love to chat to any of you about it / what you do / how you do it. It is probably different for me in Aus, as I believe they restrict the bookies that we can use to only Aus ones? - But im sure the general theme is the same.

Seems like there could be some good money to be made, but flying under the radar my be difficult. I dabbled a little bit at one bookie, and they were quick to limit my promotions and ability to 'odds boost' my bets at once / day.

As a life update, I moved away from poker, went back to study (Finance), found it really tough getting work for the first few years in a related field, but eventually got there and am now working as a Financial Accountant (which surprisingly I really enjoy) - had you asked me if I ever would have wanted do that 5 years ago, I would have balked at the idea.

Anyway, drop me a comment anyone on sports arbitrage / life / anything else.

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