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PS connection issues?

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jun 17 2016 10:43. Posts 8322
I've tried playing a few hours last days @ PS. Its the 2nd time i get this connection issue where I lose connection to the software, I run their in-built thingy showing where s the problem and I'm connected to every server @ 100% except the first one which is the actual site.
I have 100mpbs connection with a high grade tp link router and I do NOT lose my internet, however I doubt its on PS's end either, so anyone got any suggestions? Things seem to get back to the ordinary after a minute or two though, but I don't feel like dumping chips for no reason

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SPEWTARD   Peru. Jun 22 2016 03:59. Posts 4292

i had the same problem last days and also there is a thread in 2+2 about it. its stars fault

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