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PLO Fun/PLO Interrogations

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careface_   Canada. Aug 26 2015 23:35. Posts 788
Hi guys,

I've never really had a blog here, or at least for a while. Little background, I've been playing NL200-NL400 for 7-8 years, give and take, always did fairly good but have been completely poker-sick for the past 2-3 years (still grinding as only/main income). Barely average over 30k hands of 6max nowadays per month, etc etc.

Was looking for something different, I've stopped learning NL a few years back, never really watched videos, never really worked on my game more than a few hours per week, etc. And a few weeks back, I really wanted to get that pleasure and feeling back, the one where you want to be the best, you work hard, you try to learn, etc.

So I tried some PLO for fun, I've played maybe 100k hands lifetime of PLO but never really got into it, and never really studied it.

I've been working very hard on it for the past 2-3 weeks, logged in about 50k hands of low stakes, tried to find leaks, exploitative stuff to do vs regs, instead of just grinding it out. Tried to be good/great instead of just beating the games, etc.

Played the first 3/4th of my hands without any hud nor tracker, and that swinged a lot, that was pretty random. I'd take a lot of notes but still, that was pretty damn random and still did okayish.

I've came up with about 8-9 questions, interrogations, I have about the game, about hands, about spots, about the thinking behind a play, the thinking the average reg has, etc.

I was wondering if anybody would like to talk about these, looking for someone who is trying hard to improve in the game and has a at least low stakes background and some success in poker in general (meaning not PLO only, if you had some success in NL and you are starting in PLO, you probably have a good thought process and it could be interesting).

Anyway, some of my interrogations I have written down can look a little bit like this,

- What is the true value of 3betting AA, in so many spots people/regs do it as the most standard play in the book, but how good is it in 3-4 different spots (ip, oop, stack sizes, multiway possibily, fish vs reg, etc)

- What stats and what hand sample to look for before knowing what exactly to do in most spots vs a particular regular. Combo of hud stats that are important in PLO vs NL?

- Bet sizings and inducing in PLO vs NL, what is there to change, should we think differently?, etc.

Anyway this wasn't really a blog, I'm pretty much only looking for someone to talk to to clear my mind, I've got many questions and many thoughts on my mind after playing a huge marathon of Omaha (for me), in the past few weeks.

Cheers, PM if you want to discuss.

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goose58   United States. Aug 27 2015 02:56. Posts 871

I'm learning PLO at low stakes as well, doing pretty good lately. My best advice would be to let your hand play itself considering the dynamics. Position, hand strength, board texture, stack sizes, opponent ranges, opponent tendencies/history. How durable is your hand if you played it to the river 1000 times? AAxx no suits is weak and not a hand you want to 3bet unless against a shortstack where you can get most of the money in preflop. Compare that to AAKK/ds, a hand you want to 3bet/4bet/5bet in any situation because it can flop various nuts and nut draws.

Sizing should be pretty obvious once you learn PLO equities and ranges.

Get PLO equilab if you haven't already

lucky331   . Aug 27 2015 04:06. Posts 1124

PLO has been LOL to me. So I would love to read some more advice here.

TimDawg    United States. Aug 27 2015 07:19. Posts 10196

I've been playing lower/mid stakes online & a lot of live PLO for a decent bit now. Still feel very noob at PLO but I'm learning...

Send me a PM if you'd like

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