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HUD setup

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dryath   Australia. Jul 25 2015 06:13. Posts 1317
Anyone have PT4 hud setup they may be looking to share?

I very rarely play poker these days, but am aware running the default hud probably isn't ideal.

PM me if you would like to add to skype.

Playing mainly 50 plo, with some nlhe too (unsure if this matters or not)

Hope you're all doing well guys, GL at the tables for those of you still playing

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Mortensen8   Chad. Jul 27 2015 00:26. Posts 1841

Don't know about PT4 stats but just get the basics to start and probably all you need unless you have like 2 tables.

name/ hands/ fold bb to btn steal (you can take away the name if you want and add something else)
Vpip/ PFR/ 3BET/ 4BET if space add postflop AGG%
RFIutg/ RFImp/ RFIco/ RFIbtn/ RFIsb (raise first in, make these another colour) maybe you have space for something else here like miss cb and x/fold oop

I've probably left out some stuff but don't make it too complicated. It doesn't mean you can't add more than this just use your imagination and stuff that you use most.

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