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Notes on life

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Enigma   Canada. Apr 15 2013 10:41. Posts 158
Read through an old notebook of mine today while waiting on a car checkup. Came across a fairly interesting quetsions and possible awnsers regarding life. Thought I would share;
Point of life?
- to live/avoid death
- to experience
- to experiment
- to better the world
- to continue existance of human race
- add to collective conciousness
What is sucess?
- Aquisition of wealth
- power/influence
- harmony with the world
- to become admired/adored
- respect
Reality is...?
- A figment of Imagination
- based on your point of view
- elusive or non-existant
- what can be observed or experienced

these are from about 5-6years ago I wonder if I were to ask myself these questions again if my awnsers would change...

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carlosdiaz   Mexico. Apr 15 2013 13:50. Posts 142

to Live TRUE Life is REAL Success.

that sir, is everyone's goal in this mundane world.

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goose58   United States. Apr 16 2013 07:06. Posts 871

Point of life? Nothing.

What is success? Happiness.

Reality is? Varying degrees of suffering.

imo ^^


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