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Independent Musicians

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superfashion   United States. Apr 14 2012 07:16. Posts 918
Not sure how many of you look for music outside of what you hear on the radio/already know of, but I wanted to share some bands here that I've been enjoying a lot recently. They're mostly independent musicians (meaning currently unsigned) so their popularity is largely gained through word of mouth and I'd like to spread the word.

Being - DNA
Progressive metal band from Florida. Their lyric material focuses mainly on the exploration of space and the human mind, as well as technological advances that can help us with both. Their debut EP "Arrival" is available free on their Soundcloud page ( ) and their debut album is set to drop later this year. They've enlisted Misha Mansoor (Periphery, Haunted Shores) and Casey Sabol (Periphery) to produce that album, and the preview is also available on their Soundcloud.

The Omega Experiment - Karma
Progressive metal band from Michigan. Those familiar with Devin Townsend and his work will almost surely enjoy this. Their self-titled debut album, which is being touted by many independent music fansites as the potential best progressive metal album of 2012, is available on their Bandcamp page ( ) for $7.

Corelia - Glass Faces
Progressive metal from California. I've just recently discovered these guys, but their 2011 debut EP Nostalgia is available on their Bandcamp page ( ) for $5. They incorporate a lot of technical guitar and drum work under incredibly melodic vocal lines that make their songs flow very well.

I have to run out now for the day but I hope you guys enjoy this! I'll post more if there's any interest.

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Silver_nz   New Zealand. Apr 14 2012 13:29. Posts 5647

nioce. I 've been listening to soma fm non stop lately, they have some really good indie radio channels.
indie pop rocks and the drone station are excellently mixed imo, and I am picking up a bunch of new bands to look into

Gumster   Sweden. Apr 14 2012 16:35. Posts 2290

I don't always listen to independent music, but when I do, it's progressive metal.

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