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considering peacing
  SKoT, Jun 20 2008

cant win anymore wanna cash out everything, etc even though i have a 100k sample of 5bb/100 but thats slowly being raped... oh well need to grow up sometime

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  SKoT, Jun 11 2008

lost all profits from this month today

officially even in june

tomorrow's another day!

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Thank god for losing sessions
  SKoT, May 31 2008

Absolutely nothing in this world ever makes me re-evaluate my life not to mention my poker playing like just a terrible session.

Lost, learned, ended up slightly after what was by far my longest LHE session ever.

Also, I'm averaging like 20bb/day at 2/4,3/6 LHE so yea, doing well.


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From awful to decent
  SKoT, May 31 2008

Month started off just terrible terrible. Had about a 10k hand downswing at 50/100nl which i made most of back before moving back to my college town. Since I got here Ive been playing nothing but limit and the rare 200nl session to pull in a very comfortable profit to not have to work at all over the summer and just cruise on poker winnings.

Basically just a record for myself of what im doing but I guess some other people might be interested too.

No PT anymore so no graphs etc =(


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Minbet poker
  SKoT, May 20 2008

Kind of messed up the beginning of my NLHE month so decided to splash around some 2/4 and 3/6 games and am up about 100-150bbs in the past 4-5 days


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Live Night
  SKoT, May 13 2008

Played 3/6 at Canterbury Park in Minnesota w/ Jon(Svenman87 here). We played at the same table and he had position on me ldo. Everyone was awful save for one player, and the table was soft as shit. The 10% rake + the BBJ, though, raped like always. This wasnt a "serious" run as Jon and I usually played 15/30 and 6/12, respectfully, but I just got back from college on Sunday so It'd be fun to splash around a bit. Some notable hands:

I straddle, Jon double straddles(lol, we were the only ones to ever straddle) and I look down @ red Queens and 4bet it when it comes around(4 callers) and they all call. Flop is Jd2x7d. I bet, 4 callers. Turn blanks, 3 callers, river completes a gutshot, 2 callers and I flip the overpair and rake my biggest pot of the night.

Last hand of the night and I straddle with AsKs, Jon double straddles again haha(by now people are getting pissed because it really does seem like we're bloating pots for one another but we really are not colluding in any way). Flop is like 478 rainbow, I bet, get a stupid amount of callers, and shut down and check and c/f two blanks giving the board something like 478J2 rainbow. There is a bet and a caller on the river and AT high takes down the huge pot. Sick life.

I ended up 120, jon ended up down about a hundo and I shipped him 60(half profit, like we always do)

good times.

As I wrote this, i grabbed two 100nl buyins. goodnight and good luck LP.

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Back to 50nl
  SKoT, May 03 2008

Nothing huge, just cashed out a bunch(need money) and I've had a few hiccups @ 100nl, namely a 3buyin loss today. I dont feel bad about it, 2 of them were definitely coolers, and the 3rd was probably 1/2 spew. Im leaving myself rolled for 100nl, just going to stick to 50nl for the next 25k hands I told myself. I have a very healthy winrate @ 50nl over a pretty large sample so I'm just going to stick to steady money for a while. I'm still way in the green @ 100nl, I just need to settle my head especially while I'm transitioning in real life too(semester ending, military incoming, etc).

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Longest session ever
  SKoT, Apr 09 2008

by far longest session ever, 6tabled the whole time

cleared a goldstar FPP bonus too so that was nice

I'll be back to 100nl tomorrow, but just felt like hitting the 50 tables today because they looked so soft


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nightmare session
  SKoT, Apr 08 2008

Lot of setups, losing allins when ahead...etc

only lost 3bi but just felt like i got hit by a truck

moving down to 50 for a while prob


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It just kind of hit me
  SKoT, Apr 02 2008

april 100nl is going well so far. up a bunch of buyins. feel i have a definite edge over these games and I'm shooting for the stars this month.

GL lp

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