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Rambling about the game
  seweri, Mar 16 2007

Hello hello, it's been a while since I last wrote but here we go again. I won't go into much detail about how I've been doing with poker lately. Instead, I'll write some tips that are mostly for myself. Maybe I'll remember them better during a session this way instead of after it when it's too late :D

I don't believe in anything supernatural but I think karma (not the guy from Lpnet) is a real bitch. On two or three occassions this month I've had a good session or two and after that I feel like I fucking own NL100 and 25 PTBB/100 is standard for me. That's when reality kicks in and last week I lost 8bi in one day. That's huge with my somewhat nitty style of 6max. I admit that about half or so, maybe more was due to bad play but the cards weren't falling my way either. Some examples:

Note these are both against the same guy and I had a good reason to call the overbet ai with AA, he was playing really bad but just constantly sucking out on me. Oh well, after that I took a break and started playing again on tuesday. It's been good since and those 8 buy-ins have been won back and a few on top of that. This time, however, I won't go to the tables like I own the world. Instead I'll try to keep playing my ABC game and not make too many moves (I think it's not profitable in NL100 cause the competition is so bad) and most importantly stay humble.

That is another thing I've been thinking a lot about: after moving from NL50 my vpip has dropped a few percents, and my pf raise has dropped about one percent. It's not like I'm afraid at NL100 or anything, this is my second time around and I don't hesitate to make moves when I think it's profitable.
Some examples I quickly found from PT:

So I've tightened up to 19.73/14.94 and I've been really thinking would it be more profitable to open up my game to 25/something cause against most of these guys I think I have an edge postflop so why not go there more often? Of course the situations would be different cause I'd have to play worse hands and so on but I don't know... I think I'll give this a serious try on some lower limit, maybe NL25 where I can afford to donk several buy-ins without too much effect on my br. The games will probably be softer though with less regulars with similar nitty stats like me The idea of opening my game came to me when I saw a few guys with stats like mine on my tables and thought “omg, nits”. Then I realized I'm like that too and maybe loosening up my play would give more action to my big hands. I have some trouble with playing marginal holdings cause my pot control is terrible. When I get involved, the pot is usually big and that's not good with middle pair type holdings. I want to give it a try though and I'll get some training done at lower limits.

I'd like to ramble some more but I think no-one would read it, I wonder if anyone reads even this :D I'll save it for some other time and maybe even try to make a point then. There's not a clear point in this post but as I stated at the start of my post this is mostly done for myself, if someone gets something out of this that's a plus.

For those of you that are interested my month is 14,389 hands at 5.16 PTBB/100 for a profit of $1,484.40. It's good, it could be better, and it's not enough cause I'm about 1 PTBB/100 behind Muhweli in our march prob bet. I trust he will go on a massive downswing soon enough, or not get the 20k hands we agreed on done :D

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I own Muhweli
  seweri, Mar 07 2007

Ok so my post is a bit late... Saturday didn't go as planned and I ended up in a bar with my friends and crashed at my friends place where we continued drinking until 6 AM or so. Didn't read for an exam I had on monday so I decided to just sleep over it, I'm the worst student ever

Poker is still treating me good though and as the topic states I own Muhweli at least when it comes to our winrate prob bet. I'm currently at 7,065 hands at 7.73 PTBB / 100 for a profit of almost $1.1k. Muhweli is at about 5500 hands and about 4 PTBB / 100. Awesome

So this is how my month looks on a graph

Recently I've run real good, last night I logged in a short session of 500 hands and ended up about $350 ;D It's amazing though how bad these guys can be so it's hard to tell if you're running good or if these monkeys are just so bad it doesn't matter how you run as long as you can take advantage of their lobotomy. They still keep surprising me after over 35k hands since my comeback. When people say party is soft you better believe it :D Here is a great example:
Yup, your unimproved AK must be good for 150bb. Well played, sir.

I hope to run into guys like this more often, not only do you get mad profit but good laughs as well Ok, that's it for now, I'll keep you updated on my quest to humiliate Muhweli. Cheers!

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Doing ok
  seweri, Mar 03 2007

Played a session of little less than 1600 hands today and it was ok. Could have been better if I hadn't made a few mistakes and if some hands would have held better

This was annoying, 2 hands vs the same guy
The raise is a bit loose from utg+1, but I like the way I played it postflop. I thought he didn't have much of a hand and just tried to push me out of the pot. Turned out I was right as he folded when he was getting about 3:1.

3 hands later and this hand comes up
I thought he might be steaming from the previous hand and 4bet pushing is something you rarely see so I though AK was good. Oh well :/

Shiiit I'll summarize rest of the session and post some hands later now I'm off to play a live game with some friends and of course a few beers might be drunk there.

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I hate Muhweli
  seweri, Mar 01 2007

I cashed out $1k after my nice start for the month and Muhweli told me I'm gonna get the "cashout curse". Obviously he had to be right as I bitterly found out during my second session for today. Or maybe it was just the massive amount of beats/setups/bad plays. But who knows, maybe all those were caused by me cashing out!

I'd also like to blame my roommate's gf who was supposed to come to our place this weekend. She didn't however so instead of cleaning we would have done if she would have come I had time to play and donk massively :D

Ok, maybe I'll paste a collection of the hands that almost caused me to rip my hair off. Maybe it's time to shave my head again so that'll come impossible...

Oh well, it's ups and downs, I hope to go up again next session. And I won't brag about it if I do as I did today... :D

Nice, eh? :D

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All time high
  seweri, Mar 01 2007

So I kicked off my month by playing a shortish session of 674 hands but things were going my way and I ended winning $450. Decided to stop there cause often after a heater I end up donking money when the cards stop coming. It's so easy to play when you're hitting huge, but adjusting to a normal deck after that is hard at least for me. I don't know about other tables but the one where I really had the heater got to heads up vs some other finn, who was pretty aggro and probably a decent player. However he didn't have a chance cause I constantly had a better hand :D

I didn't have any HUUUGE hands except for this one
but I had something like Ax and flopped an ace on a few occasions and he tried to bluff with total air. He should have known you can't bluff a station...

I played quite passively but I think it worked cause the guy liked bluffing and kept getting more and more frustrated. He stopped playing after that 99 v AK hand and told he needed a break before he starts tilting... Too bad, I was running so hot vs him Ended up 260$ on him so I have him to thank for most of the monies I won this session

This was a great session also because we made a winrate bet for march with Muhweli and obv I have to win it even though the bet is only for $50 but this is a matter of pride. So I had a "decent" start with 33.5 PTBB/100 :D Now I can afford to lose some and still keep a good winrate

And also on a VERY positive sidenote, my roll is at it's all time high of $4.4k but only momentarily though, I'm cashing $1k tonight cause I'm really broke in the real life. Anyone know how fast it is to get money from teller to your bank account? Any chance to get it in my bank by tomorrow if I get the $$$ to teller tonight?

Here's the graph for today for your viewing pleasure:

That's it for now, hopefully you guys get a similar start to March! (except Muhweli, he can win but sloooowly ;D)

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Back on top
  seweri, Feb 28 2007

Top of my br that is! And I feel fucking awesome.
So I'm back to about $4k, just $10 short if I count my partypoints as cash (hooray for 2,5% rakeback!) and I'm not sure about what was my exact top br but I'm pretty damn close to it and I also have the $100 deposit bonus pending which is really easy to clear.

Played 2 sessions today actually, starting the first one with +2bi and then after a few outdraws and donkey-ish plays by my pals at party I managed to tilt. Even though the pots weren't big or anything. Bahh, still something to work on there. Anyways, after donking all my winnings and $70 on top I decided it was time to quit after only 500 hands or so.

I then proceeded to have a beer and play some pool with a friend and after that I decided to get back to the tables and get my money back. Which I did. And $300 on top of that. After I realized I was back to where I started my massive downswing I was just grinning like a mad man for an hour straight

So I hope I can sustain my current winrate at NL100, which is 7.5 PTBB / 100 over 10k hands, even though that's a bit unrealistic. But one can always dream

At this point I wanna give a shoutout to my pal Muhweli who has introduced me to poker and taught a lot about poker to me, whom I've given a hard time at times (when my br was bigger than his :D). And still he takes the time to comment about my hands and game, comes to my tables to play a 60/40 game and donk several buy-ins and just today helped me to get the PP deposit bonus as my whole roll was on party already. Cheers mate, appreciate it!

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Long due update
  seweri, Feb 23 2007

Ok I thought it was about time to make another blog post since it's been over a week since my last one. It's not that it has been uneventful or anything, I've just been lazy

First off let's start with a graph of NL100 so far

As you can see, from my last post where I was at around +$700 I went down to breakeven. I had a lot of top2 vs sets and stuff like that, also I think I tilted some but nothing major. So after I was breaking even for NL100 I took a day off and then came back to find a nice upswing

The really steep up that can be seen at around hand 7720 was actually a session of 240 hands and +4 buy-ins. After that I quit the session cause I figured I'd only end up spewing some of the monies back. I've been really happy with my game in the last sessions, I felt like everytime I decided to do some moves, marginal calls etc I was right and that of course results in a nice confidence boost. I just have to keep myself from making too many plays like that cause even thought it has felt like it, I can't be right everytime and too many bluffs for example can cause a massive spewage.

I hope my sessions will keep going like this as I'm really close to where I started my massive downswing. With 28k hands of NL50 and NL100 altogether after my "comeback" and over $2.3k of profit, I can't be anything but happy.
Here's a hand with a nice profit. Kind of suicidal of him to push JJ pf when we have effective stacks of 175BB and I've shown a lot of strength. It's fine for me though, ship it!

I think I'll take a break from poker for the weekend, we'll see how it goes after that. Cheers.

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Shipping it at NL100
  seweri, Feb 14 2007

Ok so I'm back to NL100 with a better mind set and a better site when it comes to players and it's been gooood! The games are a tad bit more aggressive with a few players reraising it with more than just QQ+ and AK, however I have made a few good bluffs against AK or something similar with low PPs on a raggy flop when I've felt the opponent doesn't have a big PP. This has backfired a few times but I think I'm still ahead with this play and I will try to continue abusing these hands when I feel like they have nothing but ace high.

Also Muhweli has come to my tables on both the sessions I have played and I've stacked him during both of these. In the second session I flipped him for stacks with T9s v AA after hitting a pair and a fd on the flop. I couldn't hear the end of the ranting He can't whine though cause the hand was 47-53 and I always have +5% ME against him (Muhweli Equity).

I guess I could post some interesting hands but I don't care to go looking for them in my db now cause it's 3AM here :D Here's one that I already posted, maybe in my next post I'll try to look for hands that are more marginal, this is just funny, about the best situation I can put my money in vs 2 guys, the other drawing dead and the other has 4 outs

Ooookay, and here's the graph on my glorious return to NL100

Obv I'm not expecting to keep the winrate that high but I'm quite sure I can keep it at 5 PTBB/100 if I don't go on a monkey tilt again... I'll be whining here if I do so but for now poker is gooood. I've been really lazy with school lately though, I'll try to improve that in the near future.

Ok, that's it for now. Cheers!

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NL100 here I come (again)
  seweri, Feb 13 2007

I have been really lazy with this blogging thing but maybe it's time to ramble again...

As some of you may know I had a huge downswing in December and then took a break of around three weeks to recover from it. Now it's been 20 days after I started playing again and I have played just under 20k hands of NL50 during that time. I have been very happy with the way I've played most of the time, I have been much more tilt resistant and just haven't done so many hero calls or stupid stuff like that which I believe caused my huge ds in December. I'm man enough to admit it wasn't variance

But now I'm back on track and excluding a couple of sessions really happy about my game. After a few bumpy sessions last week, I finally got to $2.5k on monday which I set as a target to reach before moving to NL100

Here's a small summary of my second (and hopefully last) time on NL50:

Hands: 19,344
Winnings: $1,146.75
PTBB/100: 5.93

I have a few funny hands that demonstrate just how soft party games really are:
What the hell is the T9 guy thinking? I don't mind though getting a guy all-in when he has two outs. The short stack is just a normal short stack, obv can't fold a pair
I guess I should have raised the flop here but I wanted to get a better feel on the turn. After the ridiculous minbet on turn I put him on a fd, which was luckily wrong this time

Minbettin when OOP with fd is really standard for these partydonks. It's so easy to abuse too. You can usually bet in a way that they'll fold if you've missed completely, and call when you have a hand but without getting odds to draw to their flush. Gotta love party
Here's another example of just how brilliant these guys are.
I think the guy that folded river might have had a set with how he played but at least he had sense enough to fold it after not boating up. But the QQ guy... No reraise pf, no reraise on the flop with the fd out there... Ty for letting me draw to my flush sir
Yeah... What the hell? :D Can't fold a flopped top pair obviously.
This one was the hand that took me over $2.5k after which I immediately quit my session. Got to love the thin value bets and the crap people pay you off with

There was one interesting hand on which I'd like some comments. Looking back at it his play doesn't make any sense. He was reraising me a lot, but I hadn't noticed him raising anyone else so I guess he must have had half a brain and noticed I was raising more than most pf. Here it is:

Ok so the guys reraising range might be a bit more than TT+ and AK but on that flop should I push over his reraise (which is really small). In my thinking a small reraise like that, almost a minraise is often a huge hand in these games, but with the odds he was giving to me I couldn't fold. Does anyone push there cause I think that's a bit suicidal as it will only get called by AK, KK and AA. Even though he might raise me lighter than that I don't think he's going to put all his chips in with AQ/AJ or an underpair.

What about the turn? It gives me outs to a gutshot but I have a chance to draw for free so I think a check is good?
I can't call river, or can I? Check/raise flop and check turn with AA/KK/AK/QQ with a fd out there? It's possible but I gave this guy a little respect so I don't think he would have done it. I'm splitting with AQ/AJ and a bluff is possible. An argument can be made for calling but without better reads couldn't do it. Some insight on how I should have played it better would be greatly appreciated. Tyvm.

Aight, I'm off to new challenges @ NL100, I hope it's as soft as NL50 I hope I can sustain about 5 PTBB/100 there too but we'll see. I'll keep you guys informed on how it's going.

PS. awesome song:

and check out the drummers face after he comes to view at around 0:30 :D

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Running hot
  seweri, Feb 07 2007

So didn't have time to summarize my monday session here... It was nothing special, grinded a few buy-ins or so. But my tuesday session, it was special and I was running good as hell. For the first 15 hands :D

After that I didn't catch anything special and slowly donked some of my initial winnings back when someone always raised my c-bet or something like that.

Just before I stopped playing I won some biggish hands, can't even remember what and basically stopped at the same point I was in after 15 hands :D

The reason this session was so short was because a friend of mine asked me for a couple of beers cause it was his birthday yesterday. Being the good friend I am I sacrificed my poker session and went to down a few beers. Mmmmm, beeeer..

Anyways, we went to this pub that was put up by some gambler for gamblers. So they have a big screen that shows sports all the time and you can ask for a chipset + cards if you want to play poker. There were three of us there and we decided to play some live NL10! Balla!

I was down about 25e but I got lucky a few times so I won 10e. Yaj. The game was obviously very loose between me and the birthday boy, the third guy wasn't drinking so he was a bit nittier :D After the game and a few beers we wanted to smoke some weed so we got some and came back to my place... Smoking with this guy is awesome, although my stomach always hurts from laughing so much. Good times, good times...

But back to poker... Just wanna let you all see this short heater... Here's the graph

and here are the hands that led to this: (lol at the AQ guy)

Ok, that's all I have for now. Cheers!

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