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incremental vs. epiphanic improvement
  Santafairy, Dec 09 2018

What's something you got good at little by little over time? And what's something you worked on over a long period of time but had delayed improvement? And then after a while everything seemed to come together at once? Explain what the process was like. Was it constant effort or did your commitment fluctuate? Was it spread out over years or short and intense? When you were going through it did you ever doubt what you were doing?

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your finest hour?
  Santafairy, Jul 14 2018

what was your finest hour?

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bag opinions
  Santafairy, May 07 2018


$250-$310, all leather, one compartment with divider, 1.63kg, 38.5 x 29.5 x 7
-will last a long time
-heavy duty zipper that goes all the way down the sides
-also formal
-might get worried about something happening to it or forgetting it, have to keep it off the floor in a bathroom stall, don't want to lose my stuff


$130-$160, leather accents, one compartment with divider, made in China, 1.06kg, 38 x 28 x 7
-unique plaid look
-also designer but half nylon so in between 1 and 3?


$90, 0.8kg , 39 x 29 x 7.5
-light and multiple compartments -> can pack more, overnighter flexibility
-don't care if it gets beat up every day
-comfortable handles
-won't last as long


$75, ~1kg, ~40x30x8
-is a bag
-multiple compartments
-handles are actually same material as bag not cloth as in the picture

I DON'T carry a laptop or tablet

Poll: What bag would you get?
(Vote): #1
(Vote): #2
(Vote): #3
(Vote): fuck it #4

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  Santafairy, Feb 26 2015

what do you guys do for supplements? i am not asking in reference to bodybuilding, although i exercise, but for being better generally, healthier - less dying, more/better energy, whatever. i don't know much or where to start. i know vitamins exist but do you just grab any multivitamin? or can it be like water poisoning where you wouldn't expect it but it's bad to take more than you really need? i know there's fish oil, i saw cranberry extract, i know melatonin is supposed to be a legit sleep aid. aspirin for heart?

I have no background with this so I want to sort out things that have no effect and things made by people like Deepak Chopra... what do you take or what have you had success with?

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today thoughts
  Santafairy, Oct 29 2014

1)i don't understand why a session always starts losing and ends winning? just wondering

2)do you remember the thing about team colors in online games? the study that said there was a statistically significant advantage to being on a red team rather than a blue team and then postulated some kind of psychology behind red being more scary/testosterone/whatever?

what about the same but with digits. for instance in magic you can easily force the number 7 out of people.

now do you think there could be something like that applied to bet sizing? like $48 is lower than $50 but if $48 sounds scarier could that bet have more fold equity? or maybe not the specific digits but some other property of the number like a number with high multiplicity looking stronger than a prime number. or does this just sound fucking retarded

or rather than the bet size, the size of the visual chip stack? so if you bet $100 but it's one chip it's less intimidating than a whole bunch of chips. is this why dwan always bets a random number like $14,350 in live games and gets folds from people who think they have a huge decision? whereas tony g snap overbets the pot like $50k with two chips and gets called with the nuts. i am not saying it is a big edge or that i could explain the mechanism i just wonder if anyone else thinks something like this could be at work even though we have no data/evidence

3)wtf do you people listen to? i tried classical music because it's a hobby of mine and there's so much of it and super long tracks. but it turned out to be a bad distraction because of emotional involvement in the music and whatever it just wasn't working. i find talk radio and some comedy is really soothing actually. something like charlie rose interviews where there's such a huge library of content and it's all the same kind of calming tone and volume, doesn't get you worked up. anyway i will look at the podcast thread maybe

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poker? i don't even know her!
  Santafairy, Oct 08 2014

today's goal was the first attempt at a 10k

and be up. so

last ~3k were mediocre but cleverly avoided a 4bi downswing at around ~8k mark by not check shoving OOP 4 times

any tips on last hand #10k?

+ Show Spoiler +

also why did the player pool have to shrink, do fish sleep? or won't they drown

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  Santafairy, Sep 12 2014

okay I bit the bullet and tried this software. before my attitude was I'm not a space shuttle pilot what do I need a HUD for

it took hours to import hands the first time but oh my god wow look at all this information it's like you can see their hole cards haha

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paypal/PS $60/$50
  Santafairy, Sep 06 2014

Hey, this is my Paypal ($60) for your PS ($50) so $10 vig for you. Previously I have traded with napoleono, the cleaner, k4ir0s. So PM me with any interest. thanks~

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Paypal/PS $120/$100
  Santafairy, May 01 2014

edit: I'm looking for another trade now.

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Paypal for PS ($50)
  Santafairy, Oct 06 2013

I am a Teamliquid user (account oBlade)looking to trade $55 on Paypal for $50 on Pokerstars. I have been playing for EVE ISK and it's been fun so I want to move to real money. But it's hard for me to deposit on PS and very easy for me to use Paypal. (Unfortunately only UK players can deposit on PS with Paypal.)

I know I have no reputation on this site so this is strictly if you want to do a favor for a TL user, plus the $5 vig - I think that's normal, 10%? - and maybe again in the future if I end up busting. I trust the Liquid community so I came here. The reference for you is if your money disappeared you could PM Kwark and show him and then sayonara to my TL account.

Please note that there is always a risk of being scammed on the internet, and particularly on Paypal. Escrow services are notoriously scammable so you should always be alert and proceed at your own risk. It's better to be safe than sorry. If $50 is above your limits or there is any doubt in your mind about trusting me then don't help.

EDIT: it's been claimed now

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