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Playing on Pstars again for the first time in 10y!
  Nitewin, Oct 08 2020

I moved to see if I can make some money here. The game sure has changed quite a bit. Can LP help me get set up?

What are the essential playing / training software?

I used to have Pokertracker, HEM, and Ninjatools.

What's the best hand history tracker these days? What's good for shortcut keys? Anything else? Like PIO or some kind of training tool? I saw one where you could input PIO trees to simulate hand quizes.

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What's the best solver right now?
  Nitewin, Jul 20 2020

I know of PIO, monk, CREV... I think there are a few others.

I'm leaning towards Pio right now but I see three versions, basic, pro, and edge. I'm not really understanding what the differences are. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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Simple math question
  Nitewin, May 17 2020

If you win 10 for every 1 you lose and have a 50% win rate, what is your expected value of this proposition?

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Best state for home base for tax purposes?
  Nitewin, Jan 13 2020

7 States don't have income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Out of these states, which is the best to live in? I'm looking at Vegas or one of the big cities in Texas. I could potentially get a duplex and rent out half. What do yall think?

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Do yall invest your money?
  Nitewin, Nov 26 2019

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What are some fun things to do?
  Nitewin, Nov 12 2019

If you had 10k to dispose of, what would you do for fun?

Be as descriptive as you can. I've been working hard making money but I think I forgot how to spend it and enjoy life.

One-time activities
Long-term skills/achievements

What's good in life?

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Selling carfax reports for 20
  Nitewin, May 06 2018

Bought a bundle and have a few unused ones. Can run car's official history with plate or vin number. Great report to have when buying or selling cars.

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Improve your poker skills by teaching me!
  Nitewin, Apr 12 2018

I used to be a winning reg but quit since black friday. I'm looking to learn the "solver" and how people are thinking of poker these days. The goal is to move to vegas or travel around to win a little playing live, for fun. Teaching is the best way to learn and solidify what you think you know, so teach me! : )

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How's the USA Poker Scene?
  Nitewin, Aug 22 2017

Anybody still playing poker in the USA, live or online? I want to play part-time for some extra income, willing to relocate if needed. Any advice?

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Good Discipline + Life Entry
  Nitewin, Oct 06 2015

Proud of a non-shove I made. Button and I (SB) were about 2x deep. BB was 1x. HH does not show it. Normally in a spot like this, I'm very inclined to shove and take down the pot pre or flip with a dead $40 in the pot but that's definitely the high variance route. This time I sensed danger and got out pretty cheap. In tourneys, this is usually how I lose too.

Quick Life update:

Broke up with girlfriend once again, probably not getting back together this time unless she really apologizes and cuts the nonsense out of the relationship. She only 22 and hasn't really had her slut partying phase yet so I get it. But cheating, lying, and playing dumb/being nonsensical is a deal breaker for me.

Back to square 1. Home living with parents, grinding poker, gonna save a bit and probably go sublet in different cities and see where life takes me.

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