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Made another app
  Jelle, Apr 09 2020

This one has some audio and voice command features and it was pretty damn challenging to get set up, so glad it's over.

Now that I have this little template I wonder what the best use for an audio-based app like this would be... probably will be making more after I take a break.

Btw, thank you so much to those of you who checked out my 1st app! It really helped me a ton and got me up to 1000 downloads somehow!

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Made an app
  Jelle, Jan 14 2020

Hi all!

I'm studying how to make apps and I put my first one on the app store & google play store

Please help me out by downloading it!

app store
Google play store (Android)

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selling MTG online
  Jelle, Mar 21 2013


I'm currently selling MTGO "event tickets" for pokerstars $1 each. Can be handy because MTGO charges taxes to customers from certain countries to deposit money on there, or if you're just a poker baller who likes MTG and wants to do some drafts or whatever

plz send me a PM here or on MTGo (my ID is TheSquanderer) and help a busto out

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My 100$ps for paypal
  Jelle, Aug 19 2011

Can any of the regs here do me a favor and accept my 100$ on stars, then send me 100$ on paypal?

would help me out, thx

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