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wanna make $5 ez?
  Gumster, Feb 01 2015

Yo, wanna trade 25$ on stars for your 20 on paypal, u send first. pm me for info

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Swedes, stake opportunity!
  Gumster, Aug 23 2012

Done and done.

Tack för intresset

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Greece (pics), June + July results, Music etc.
  Gumster, Jul 11 2012

So a lot has happened since my last blogpost. Lets start with poker results June n July, then round of with some happier vacation and personal shit.


(June) I barely met any of my poker goals, I only played 25k hands and only made 4500SEK (~€470) profit. Luckily, I went to the casino a couple of times (4-5 sessions I think) in Stockholm and made 8500 SEK there, so pokerwise my month ended up being pretty sweet. Pic or didnt happen etc:

(July) Soooooooooooo how about July? Well, 2 things. 1. FUCK. 2. JULY. Playing pretty good, and the volume is decent as well. The beats just won't stop coming. The problem is that I really need to be saving up money atm, and it sucks having to play with any kind of pressure. But fuck it, I'll be fine, cuz I'm good at this game and I just need to play more. Pics or fuck me:

As you can see I've been playing some 2/4SEK which is a piece of cake for me tbh. I'll be a winner there in no time. Just gotta run goot.


I went to Greece (an island called Crete) and it was also sweet. I was mostly with my gf, but her mother and little brother were there as well so we kinda lived off them some which was nice. The greeks are REALLY nice and helpful and in all the trip was a delight. Though some assholes broke in to our car which kinda sucked. Actually it REALLY sucked for everybody but me who only lost a pair of shoes (they were sweet shoes tbh ). We were about to find another hotell and we had rented a car in which we stored all our stuff. So we go down to the beach (parked the car not far from there) and when we get back they simply broke the lock (looked like anyone could do it... which makes me think the ppl who rented us the car should somewhat be held responsible? oh well...).In all we lost 2 iphones, a laptop, like €1000 in cash and lots of clothes. And my shoes . It's bad PR for Greece if I let this be the end of my trip report, so here are some awesome picture of us scuba diving which was fantastic:

My GF's mother and her instructor

Me (STRONK!!!!) and my instructor

Me, again

My GF's Mom, Little brother, GF, Me

Me, yet again, this time chillen unda da wata

Last thing about greece: GO THERE. Awesome weather, beautiful women, lots of nature and cultural shit to see. Plus they really need it now with the crisis, which means you can bargain on a lot of stuff (I love bartering, if I was a fallout 2 character I'd have fucking 200% baby).

That's it. Here's some sweet ass tunes for your sorry asses! Cya around

Hip-hop, Kendrick Lamar feat Dr Dre:

Soul, Marvin Gaye:

Rock, Jimi Hendrix:

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May results
  Gumster, May 31 2012

Just finished up my last session for the month and so I'm done for may. My goals were 35k hands and €1k profit. I played about 34k hands and made about €810. I'm kinda disappointed because tbh these swedish fish are insanely bad and I should be able to win even more against them. Still I just have to keep grinding and I know it will turn for the better. Graph and stats:

(it's SEK, not $)
EV line is kinda fucked up for boss network but still I feel like I've been running pretty poorly. I could have a bigger winrate and I can put in a lot more hands. I shouldn't whine. If I want to be successfull i just have to put in more hands and then the luck thing will solve itself. Tomorrow I have my last exam for this semester in school, so after that I'll be ready for some grinding. Just gotta hit an awesome hot streak, build a bigger roll, have some patience, smoke some weed, climb stakes, fuck bitches and then get money and then everything will be awesome.

Things to accomplish/do in June:

- Get ripped.
- Play 40k hands.
- Make a profit of €1,5k (15,000 sek).
- Have an awesome summer.
- Not watch porn/masturbate.
- Go to Greece for 10 days.

As you may have noted on the last one, I joined up the no-masturbation thingie, though I have a girlfriend so it might not be that hard, even though sometimes I get the fap urge but then I just try to do something else. It's good cuz you save time and stuff.

To close off, some awesome soul music by Tower of Power. Big band funk and soul a la Earth wind & fire/isley brothers. This cut is from their 1973 album (called Tower of Power) and imho it's easily their best song. Enjoy and cu around:

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Fuck april, go swedish fishies! + music
  Gumster, May 09 2012

April really sucked. I was doing good half way through, but then I started running poorly, which made me impatient so I added more tables (8-9 instead of 6) and then I started playing worse and the bad run continued. Even though I ran above EV I still feel like I was running pretty poorly. With 50% rakeback I still managed to get like a lousy profit of 300$, which is embarresing considering the time I put into poker last month.

Here's my disgusting graph+stats:
+ Show Spoiler +

So... what's missing? Why am I not making any monies? Nl20 shouldn't have to be that tough now should it?

So I decided to move to Svenska Spel (boss network? or something) thx to longple giving advice. And I only got this to say: OMFG PEOPLE ARE SO BAD! Not only are people terribad, but they buy-in for 200bbs! I've been blessed with a godlike run on my new account which of course is sweet. Now I just have to make sure I play through the bad run as well and hopefully I'll have a sweet month right before the summer. Theese are my goals for may:

35k hands
€1k profit (10k sek)

Results so far:

Suistanable winrate, I know. Lastly, some sweet tunes. I found this gem from 1985 by Alexander O'neal (never heard of him either) called What's missing, which is basically what I need to find out about my poker career, wtf am I doing wrong. Well I don't really need to tell you much about the tune, it's pretty straight forward 80's synthy soul (almost pop?), enjoy!

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Doing well, but So What?
  Gumster, Apr 09 2012

First things first man you fucking with the worst, I'll be sticking pins to your head like a fucking nurse. - ODB

I'm doing really well, but I should be more focused on how I'm playing. My roll is at 940€, though only because I played some SNGs for VIP points and also got 200€ rakeback for last month. Either way, I'm halfway through to my goal (500€) and looks like I'll be reaching it soon if I keep playing like I'm playing. Nuff said, here's my results:

Considering I've been at my girlfriends place (in Umeå, northern Sweden)and spent lots of time with her family n relatives n shit, the amount of hands I've played pleases me.

Next cut I'ma post here is So What (hence the blog title) by Miles Davis, which is from a very very famous jazz record called Kind Of Blue. If there are any jazz cats out there you probably already know this one, and for anyone else that hasn't I hope this can maybe get you to listen to something different from what you usually do. Jazz can be difficult to get into sometimes, but this track is straightforward and just dope. Enjoy and cu around!

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I'm ready 4 war
  Gumster, Apr 04 2012

Considering how poorly I've been running these last 2 days, I am very happy with my results. I've put in 10k hands already and I don't feel like stopping at all. I lost 5 bi's in a matter of minutes today but I just kept on going and won back 3 of them. I just gotta keep on going and toughen it out, I am confident it will swing back in my favour

So that's why the next song I'ma post is Bone Thugs N Harmony - Ready 4 war. This was the first Bone Thugs song that I listened to and it was the first song of theirs I really liked. I would like to recommend any of their records for everybody and especially you hip hop cats out there, if you haven't heard any of it just download that shit, smoke a jay (or not) and put on any of their records. I can say (without a doubt in my mind) that the Art of War album by Bone thugs is one of the top 3 albums in hip hop history (word is bond). Their harmonic, melodic, fast-paced style or rapping is at its best here and DJ u-neek is really making the best beats (blending hiphop with rnb) of his career. So here's the track, hope you get hooked as well. Oh, and here's my graph as well. GL and CU!

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One more try...
  Gumster, Apr 01 2012

Sup LP.

I've been on these forums for a long time, may not really be well known but I've been around since the golden years (started 2008 i think). I have been playing on and off, online and offline, cashgames, tournaments and sngs. I've been a breakeven not so serious player for the last year or so and I haven't really been serious nor consistent enough to be a longterm winner.

Anyway, enough bullshit, I'ma start playing again cause I have the time and I think this game is still pretty profitable if you work hard enough and I'm not dependant on poker for income. I'm starting with a roll on Victor Chandler with about 400€ and my goal for nl20 this month is simple:

40k hands
25 bi's profit (500€, not counting with rb)

Also, I'm a huge music lover so I'll be posting some sweet tunes as well. Here's an awesome soul/funk track from Earth Wind & Fire, cause I wanna start out positive. It's from their album I Am (1979) which is dope from start to finish. Enjoy, and wish me luck!

Oh, and results so far:

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Parisians, Help!
  Gumster, Dec 02 2011

Sup LP,

I am in paris for the weekend and I have heard that one of the things you should do here is just walk the streets. So I am wondering:

1. What streets are worth walking on? From what I gather, the whole city is divided into arrondisements, is there any one of these that is particularily good for walking? What streets should I see?

2. What casinos are there and what is the best?

3. Does anyone know of a cheap hostel in central paris?

4. Any wicked hiphop/soul/jazz concerts this weekend? Anyone know a site where I can check?


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Bump, got 40 on ftp, need on stars!
  Gumster, May 16 2010

pm for swap

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