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Thailand Adventures

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$3.25 45 mans r easy!
  Chobo1, Mar 15 2010

just played a few today

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switch back to none turbos...
  Chobo1, Mar 07 2010

I may have quite a few leaks when I 25 table turbo sngs... there are a lot of different opponents with many different shoving/calling ranges and I definitely have forgotten how to play the equilibrium ICM way. (I used to use SNGEGT a couple yrs ago that literally told me in real time what the equilibrium push/folds are whilst 8 tabling...but now the real time app is banned) So all I have now is SitNGo Wizard which is not giving me the perfect equilibrium push/folds because its not taking into account that your opponents might know your push/fold I'm actually pushing too wide in certain spots

So it's back to none turbos for me

I've been dabbling in the $4.4 180s and mixing in the $5.5 27/45 mans and I find them much less stressful. I think it's also helping me play longer hours and actually put in some real work hours. around the peak hours I can easily play up to 35 tables at a time without any problems; So I want to at least play 75 sngs/day for the rest of the month

graph of $4.4 180s & $5.5 27/45s

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TILT !!!!
  Chobo1, Feb 14 2010

god i fkin hate the $16 18 many bad players yet i always have these huge fkin swings!

i think i'm gonna cash out most of my roll and just stick to the $6.5 18 mans for the next 2 months for a semi reasonable hourly. $25.5/hour

$16 18 man graph since '10

and here's my $6.5 18 man graph since December '09

In other news I just got back from playing basketball. a fat little 8 yr old thai kid wanted to play w/ me, so i let him. next thing i know 3 other little thai kids showed up n wanted to play, so it made teams (me + fat kid vs 3 thai 7 yr olds)

i owned them so hard the 3 thai kids didnt want to play after 10 mins. def a huge ego boost after losing 35 buyins to fish. LOL

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  Chobo1, Feb 12 2010

making $200/hour now playing $16 18 mans

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$16 update
  Chobo1, Feb 08 2010

since switching back to just 17 tabling 3 days ago, i've been running at a nice 21%ROI. Running at $64/hour pre rakeback :D

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  Chobo1, Feb 05 2010

blah, stats for multi-tabling the $16s this month.

at least when i'm 17 tabling things are going well O_o

so weird that my 25 tabling stats are so so bad for the $6.5s i have like 17%ROI when i'm 25 tabling...hmm.

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urgh Jan.
  Chobo1, Feb 01 2010

pokerwise, January wasn't that great; but I had a lot of fun!

My parents came to visit me in Bangkok for 4 nights and then my parents, my gf and me flew down south to an island called "Koh Samet" for 3 days.

: google images:

facebook pics:

Then just as my parents flew to India my brother came to visit me and basically did the same thing for a week (taking him around bangkok then going to Koh Samet.

I basically only put in around 115 hours of poker, mixture of $6.5 and $16 18 mans. Around 15 hours less than I had planned

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  Chobo1, Jan 25 2010

i owned my brother at bowling today

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$16 sharkscope leaderboard
  Chobo1, Jan 12 2010

its kinda funny that I made it onto the leaderboard solely playing $6.5 18 mans. just goes to show that the $16 regs are noobs kidding

so far this month i've played 1,083 SNGs in 42.9 hours with a 17.7%ROI....which gives me a solid $28.99/hour at the $6.5 18 mans. with supernova rakeback it bumps it up to $32/hour

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  Chobo1, Jan 09 2010

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