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  careface_, Feb 28 2010


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Selling % Aussie Millions Main Event
  careface_, Jan 09 2010


Selling % of my Main Event at the Aussie Millions,

Buy-in is 10 500, i'm selling 40% with 10% already sold.

I'm selling it at 600$ for 5%, which is just short of 1.15/1.

Short history, mid-stake grinder for over 2 years, NL200-NL400 mostly, did a bit of NL600, never really got into NL1000 for many reasons.

Went to Vegas past 2 years for the WSOP, played only 3 events there, didn't cash, made a bunch on cash game NL500/NL1000

I'm well knowned in the french canadian community, reply if you are interested. If you have any other questions, go for it.

Also, I accept, PS,FTP,Everest,Cereus,LuckyAce,Moneybookers,

We split the profits respectively after taxation (if taxation they is in AUS, will check that out asap).

PM for more info. Ty.


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Bodog money
  careface_, Dec 22 2009

Hi LP,

I apologize if my blog entries to not bring much to the community, but oh well.

I am looking for bodog money, 2,5k to 5k.

I cannot deposit because it doesnt accept moneybookers from canadians. eh.

Anyhow, if you are interested, send me a PM or write in this blog. I can trade vs a few different sites.

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Looking4Betfair monies
  careface_, Oct 23 2009


Looking for Betfair monies vs moneybookers/luckyace/cereus/ftp, other sites also probably available

PM for references and infos, I am well knowned on other french canadian communities ( and know a few here also (been here 3 years, never really contributed)

Anyhow, hola,

p.s: probably looking for 2-3k i guess, whatever you got is fine.

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Need PS for FTP
  careface_, Dec 12 2008


I'm looking for 3k$ on PS against my FTP. People don't know me here but I am a well knowned french canadian from other communities (,

I've been reading this forum since it opened, so I aint new here. I'll ship first if you want to but only to a well knowned user here.


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