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SEP 17th is the date
  capaneo, Sep 13 2009

Schiff will announce his candidacy! (Im %95 sure he will run and around %50 sure he will win)

His fund raising is over 1mil now!!!

I actually LOVE to see run away inflation and commodity price sky rocketing!! will cause be a BIG bonus on my pay checks!

I wanted to post pictures from Plnats and shit but no camera is allowed in the plant. If I can take one there it will be cool to take some pictures of random stuff.

PS: These fuckers at oil companies make so much money that makes me wanna throw up and our plant is among the smallest, least profitable in the industry!!

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America the land of the free
  capaneo, Aug 19 2009

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Basically if u had an account with UBS(the swiss bank).
US goverment now is going into ur offshore swiss accounts and put you in jail for not paying half of what you earned OUTSIDE of America to the US goverment! So they can give it to AIG and other wall street firms+Airlines+the random shitty enviourment companies+General Motors+Chrysler. Or basically any company who is retarded enough to go bankrupt.

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Got and intern job!
  capaneo, Jul 18 2009

got an 8 month engineering co-op job at

no office behind the desk bullshit job.
going to work at

Help to build a better tomorrow for our kids!

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Shieff for senate
  capaneo, Jul 15 2009

This is the video he is talking about

Also I think Don nails it on this video. This is totally my opinion on CNBC and general media.

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Japanese speaker needed
  capaneo, May 21 2009

Can anyone who can read Japanese contact me plz?


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Why Democrats Are Worse??
  capaneo, Apr 20 2009

When republicans and fox news is doing stupid shits atleast most of the people know its bullshit. Atleast you can clearly hear the message.

Looking at shits like this is scary. If you wonder how media in closed countries like Iran and probably Soviet Union and Nazi germany looks like. Its not like fox news. Its exactly like that.

Atleast on Fox you know the messenger and can see/hear easily.

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Economics Plans of "Father Obama!"
  capaneo, Mar 30 2009

As some of you know I dont visit this site anymore and I have a blog some other place and this is a copy of my last post there (If you want to leave comments about why am I still posting here and some other stuff like that please PM me)

So Government is now into the business of insuring cars! As you may know GM is basically done. And US government spent around 14B to get to the point that I and many engineers said around 4month ago. GM CEO had to leave and as a matter of fact the whole company has to go bust and get bought by small sectors. And you can be sure that in 3 month there wont be any GM. Unless obv Opera or Limbaugh come on and say something about it and congress in fear of not-getting re-elected pass some new laws. Which will only postpone the inevitable.

I actually read their plan few month ago about how they are going get out of the mess they are in and its very interesting how people running biggest car companies on the planet has absolutely no fucking idea where and what the problems are.

Also Chrysler is hoping to get bought by Fiat. To just remind you how low things have gotten. read This article from around 4 years ago. where Fiat was forcing GM to buy it back then!!!

Another interesting sad point is that government is trying to practically flush a big chunk of cash down the toilet by propping up New Energy/"Green" companies. As someone who is in the middle of the mess and into the research of these things I can tell you that there is no need and future for this type of stuff at the current stage we are in. There wont be any clean energy and there wont be anything getting invented by any of these guys and they all know that. The are just too dumb to realize the whole picture.
The only way we can move on from fossil fuel is by oil running out and prices going up. By pumping money into these non-efficient "zombie" companies who are only alive because of lobbying and politics, you are avoiding resources to efficient people who are driven by demands and needs of the market. People who can make stuff that are actually useful.

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Time to run for the hills?
  capaneo, Mar 16 2009

As some of you know I dont visit this site anymore and I have a blog some other place and this is a copy of my last post there: (as a matter of fact after posting blogs here I realize why the admins here are so short minded and insted of dealing with problems just ban people. Most of you guys who are new here and post are too dumb that the only way to deal with you is to ban you )

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I was reading some article before in a magazine about Obama reassuring the market and it had a line saying “you know thing are really bad when president is talking stock market.” After reading that article first thing comes to mind is that things are really bad when Chinese are worried about their money in US.
I think this is not only very interesting it’s also very scary. If foreign buyers of US debts get concerned about their money it means that US won’t be able to borrow in order to finance their government. With concerns growing about the future of US economy maybe we will see a "run on the FEDs" by its debtors. US having around 10 trillion, which is one year of GDP, in debts and around half of that to foreigners will have hard and maybe even impossible time to pay back the lenders. Which means their only option will be to "rev up their printings machines" and that will cause inflation or maybe even hyperinflation in US. The American government having big fixed costs such world’s biggest military and no money will be a very dangerous situation not only for US but for the whole world.
We saw Lehman and BearStern going broke. AIG is down the toilet. And most importantly GM which was the true flagship of US economy is going broke. So what makes people think that US government who is doing the same exact thing as those companies is immune? We used to have a saying that anyone takes a bribe other than the ones who are truly faithful to God, because they have really high prices. I believe in US and western economy faithfully, but their price is just getting too high.
I think the America will come out of this (hopefully) but a generation or two has to pay and work through their nose for the mess we are creating now. And the reason is that many American voters are just too dumb to realize you cannot let a loser not to lose. Let’s face it half the nation voted for McCain and Palin!

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Obama fail again
  capaneo, Mar 15 2009

As some of you know I dont visit this site anymore and I have a blog some other place and this is a copy of my last post there:

Obama's economy plan is failing hard on soo many levels. They are basically violating every possible rule set out by free market.
After the previous administration failed so hard by saving special interest and bailing out loosing companies on wall street now Obama, who is screaming change on top of his lungs, not only doing the same crap job as before but only more of it. Not letting the capitalism and free market doing its job its about the worse thing you can do. Saving out loosing companies. Creating zombies by injecting money to failed banks and companies. Buying assets that no one wants. And the latest trying to regulate CEO's pays! When are they going to learn? The system will only work if you let the bad ones loose. If you keep bailing out and helping loosers and those who make bad decisions you are not only discouraging productive people you are doing massive damage to the system.
It might sound tough. But people who made bad decisions HAVE TO live on the streets and get kicked out. People who are 50 year of age and screwing bolts at GM plants at $50/hour HAVE TO loose their job. CEO's who manage billions of dollars HAVE TO get 10+mil/year pay to stay motivated. Just because some lazy ass idiot didn't go to school and get an education and get fooled by some mortgage broker is on the street doesn't mean that EVERYONE in the country has to cut back on their lives. If people who make bad decisions don't pay who will be motivated to make good decisions? What happened to moral hazard?
Why Obama is doing EXACTLY the same as Bush? Postponing the problem by creating zombie companies wont solve the problem it will only make things worse. Helping poors and bad decision makers has never solved anything it will only make things worse.

@wisdom. The way he is going I doubt he will be able to adjust in later times. Running huge deficits. Bailing out companies and ganging public against them. Trying to save countless of useless unproductive jobs. The economy is trying to get rid of trash and goverment doesn't let it. What makes people think all these will be easier to do in the future?

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Obama is retarded?
  capaneo, Mar 03 2009

As some of you know I dont visit this site anymore and I have a blog some other place and this is a copy of my last post there:
Obama and his dumb economic plan is going to be a huge disaster for economy of not only us but the whole world.
The first reason we got into this situation is because of people spending and LIVING on borrowed money. The way bank system works is that basically for every dollar you put into the bank goes out and loans $5. And everyone in US go out and buy on these borrowed money and this drives the price up.
Even though this system might work for a couple of years but as prices go up and people can not afford anymore and cant get loan everything goes down the toilet. And we are there now. The prices want to go down now since no one can afford anything anymore. Banks dont loan out cause they know you cant afford anything.
And what Obama is going to do is to basically print more money. And cut interest rate! So basically he is trying to encourage people to go borrow and spend! He is encouraging the same exact behaviour that got us into this mess!
And if all that is not enough for you on the remote chance that his plan fails on job creation side for the average people. Most of us going to have HUGE inflationary prices on TOP of the debt we can not afford to pay back!
I always said before the election that when Obama gets into office its going to be just another clown like the rest. But his take on the economy (which is the most important issue now) is BEYOND stupid.
I am no veteran on the issue but I read ALOT about this recently and there are thousands who agree with me. The arguments on the other side is just soooo beyond reality stupid and Fayth based that has zero credibility.
Dont get me wrong I really respect the man and I love what he is doing on every other issue but his stand on economy is going to be the cause of his massive failure.

All I can say is that everyone should just sit and pray that me and thousand of others who thinks the same as me are wrong. But also note how all the markets go down as soon as these packages and plans for spending pass.

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