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This is ridiculous
  barbieman, Jun 21 2012

Spent 35min trying to get someone to play me HU, went through every player on NL100 & NL200 online and no one wanted to play me. I'm not even that good, jesus christ. Oh, also, I got to play my last hand otb one time. That was against a 35bb who played 2 hands against me. Good times, good times.

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So tired of nobody helping me start tables etc.
  barbieman, Jun 18 2012

So tired of regs not wanting to start tables, if I join their tables they sit out. Waiting for a third person to sit in. If a fish joins they often leave the table to rejoin with a better position. It's fucking easier to get a table started by opening a new table yourself as well and hope for a non-reg to sit in. Of course instantly 4 regs sit down in pos on the fish giving me a shit position 9/10 times.

Even if you don't think that you have an edge vs. me, you almost always only have to play 5-20 hands before the table starts to fill up. OMG you lose $0.01-2 in EV, HOLY FUCK!!!! And people picking up my bb to then sit out when tables are breaking. UGH

Got bored and felt like playing some HU, gave up after 20min. Played 6 or 7 opponents, one of them played more than 20 hands vs. me, everybody sat out after they had played their button. Everybody taking up several tables and refuses to play somebody that isn't a fish it seems. WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WROOOOONG WITH PEOPLE. AND ALL TEHSE SHORT STACKS, FFS. STOP MAKING THIS GAME THE MOST BORING SHIT FUCK THING EVER.

Okay, I can play 6max pretty much whenever I want, but these things are annoying me so fucking hard. I needed to get this off my chest.

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New apt, bonus hand, and aug + sept results
  barbieman, Oct 03 2011

Sup LP

It's been a while since i last blogged, some stuff has happened in that period of 10 months.
Most notably I binked a bonus hand on boss media in February this year, I moved into a new apartment in August
and I've had my two best poker months in August and September.

New apartment
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Milestone hand
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Cliff's of the Milestone hand
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just won a tournament
  barbieman, Dec 08 2010

Pretty damn sweet

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  barbieman, Aug 16 2010

A lot of things has happened last 30 days, went on a 25 day euro trip by train with a friend, got home and moved to another city the next day and the day after that, i started school.

Berlin for 16h, spent most of the time walking around the city, big ass buildings and long ass streets.
Amsterdam for 3 days, really nice city and nice ppl. Too many "weed tourists" though, that thinks Amsterdam is AWESOME, weed is AWESOME, and being high is AWESOME.
Paris for 2 days, spent most time walking around watching nice architecture.
Barcelona for 8 days, a friend from school is "top dog" at a squat and he invited us to stay. The place smelled, had no water, you had to go to a public toilet if you wanted to take a shit, but it was good enough, free and the people were really nice. According to him, it's one of BRC's nicest squats, most others are mega filthy, and often ran by junkies and smack heads (also according to him).
Marseilles for 1 day, spent it walking around. Very beautiful city.
Zagreb for 1 day, spent it walking around as well, beautiful but not as beautiful as Marseilles.
Split for 4 days, this was probably the place I liked the most. BRC and AMS were great as well in their way, but I think this was my favourite city. People say swedish girls are beautiful, Split is waaaay ahead in that league. Fuck me dead, it was insane. The town was very beautiful as well, the people were extremely helpful and nice. We wanted to go to Dubrovnik but there were no trains going there. If you're going to dubrovnik i highly recommend you to stay in Split for a couple of days.

Spent a grand total of 114h on trains, most of them were night trains and we never had beds.

Might Update with some photos in a couple of days...

I should also mention that Neilly wanted to send me $1k+ in the beginning of the month, but couldn't get a hold of me since i was out traveling. And on the 14th when i got back, he sent 1166 + 2333. And plz, don't spam this blog about Neilly related shit, do so in his blog.

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  barbieman, Jul 01 2010

Working on my game + run good = best month so far.

Played a mix of NL100 and NL150, mostly €-, but some £- and $-tables too. Made about €2450 with rb, played about 18k hands, play time; little less than 50h.
I also spent about 13h messing around playing some HU, SNG's, PLO, PLO8, mixed games and made another $300 with rakeback.

I'm very, very happy with my result, I think I have to play about twice as much if I want repeat this result with my true winrate (excluding rb).
But at the same time, I'm disappointed in myself, I should've spent 80h+ playing NL cash games, but I didn't even play 50h.

One session really stood out and was so fucking sweet, happened yesterday. I was running pretty shitty, like 3 barrel bluffed a guy for 200bb,
it was very unlikely that he'd call unless he had one of two combination. He had one of them (fd + isd) inside got there. Made some bad plays,
blah-blah-blah. Anyway, about 50min into the session I'm down about 4 BI. I encounter a fish playing over-aggro (45/37/4) making bad bluffs and bad calls,
after a couple orbits he stacks my mpgk with tpbk after raising flop and getting it in over three streets. I guess it was a bluff..? Time to quit..
But first I searched for him, he was sitting on SIX!! SIX TABLES!! So I get on the waiting list for all tables and tell myself I'm not quitting until he does.
I get in on all tables and start to rape him, a little over 3h later he quits. I've taken 5 BI's from him and I've gone from -€520 to +€250. TY!
when the fuck does something like this happen?? Big spewer playing 6 tables and does so for 3h+.

As for July, I'm aiming for 50h, which will be pretty good considering the circumstances. I'll probably spend one week in Barcelona since I'll live for free.
A friend together with some other people are occupying a building with 15+ rooms in central BRC, they've lived there for 5 years, 5 more years and
the building is theirs. It also looks like I'll be moving from my hometown Örebro to Linköping at the end of the month. I have several friends already living and
studying there, so it will be really sweet.


gl ppl

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500 ftp for stars
  barbieman, Mar 02 2010


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500 ftp for stars
  barbieman, Mar 01 2010

I wanna transfer some money to stars

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quitting plo
  barbieman, Dec 27 2009

I can't take it, I've ran 19 BI's under EV last 10k hands. On top of that, ppl are running like fucking insane monsters on steroids in 3bet pots. I've just ran so insanely bad in every aspect of the game.
Even so, I should still be up a couple BI's if it wasn't for the fact that I've ran 19 BI's below

Maybe it's normal in plo? idk..

I tilted today for the first time in a very, very long time. spewed off one BI and then I quit. ugh, fuckin ugh is all i feel atm. It's just so insanely frustrating.

I guess it's back to nl, at least i've found some material and good videos to watch...

/end whine

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  barbieman, Dec 18 2009

I'm so tired and frustrated atm, switched to PLO50 from NL100 after running bad and having a break-even month in 20k hands.

This month I've played 13k hands, -$100, only running $400 under EV but I'm also losing what feels like a ton on sets. How fuckin often can ppl hit their flushes when i have 1-2x pot left?? At least it's easier for me to take running bad on PLO50 than on nl100. It can turn around much faster + my edge is bigger.

I just need to put in more hands and work even harder, eventually it will turn around. It's just so frustrating and tiring to run bad for 2 months. But I'm proud of one thing, I'm handling running bad much better than before. It seems as if my mind is starting to emotionally accept variance. Which is fucking great.

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