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1317$ on FTP for 1250 on PS.
  anon, Jun 09 2011

I have still some money to trade from FTP to PS.

Pm who is willing to earn few bucks, i can use only MB which isn't working and others will be able to cashout freely.

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1.8K$ FTP to PS/PP/betmost
  anon, May 17 2011

FTP won't let to cashout ? Wtf? through moneybookers? " We cannot process your transaction at the moment. Please try again later" any idea why?

I want to play now so if someone wants to swap to be exact 1817$ pls pm or drop message here (someone know preferably)

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selling sc2 cdkey
  anon, Mar 27 2010

i have a sc2 beta cdkey, anyone interested pm w offers

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sellig sc2 acc
  anon, Mar 06 2010

200$ if anyone interested. If the prices on ebay are different- sorry. less than 200$ isnt worth lossing the fun

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Moved PC
  anon, Feb 10 2010

Didn't like the place where my computer was put, therefore decided to move it to another room. But since i didnt want to ruin the room, decided that i should be able to hide it whenever needed. If anyone has similar problems you may do something similar like i did

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500$ on PS for 500$ on FTP
  anon, Nov 22 2008

i need 500$ on PS, if anyone could help i would appreciate.
Id give 500$ on FTP

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  anon, Sep 07 2008

So this morning felt really confident about my game again, i finally managed to actually win some money over past few weeks, had a good br for 400nl, cashout some for living, hit a brutual day and lost confidence emediatly. Today ran really shitty, i shouldn't even came back in the evening to play. The morning was horrible i was down 1200$ after 60-70hands, i tried to grind some back, failed more. In the evening came back motivated again, ran quite good in the begining of the session, then got sucked out by same (60/12) donk twice and some more ugly hands.......... and from a + 1200 it turned into -1200$, totally lost around 4K today.
poker sucks again and i am very discouraged again... it's funny how long weeks of hard work can be fucked up by just 1 day.
from now i will set a stop lose of 4bi a day, that's it i have had enough stress from this stupid game.

And the funniest thing is that i never make a blog post about me running good, just because i don't feel right to be braging about my wins and i am afraid to be instantly jinxed. w/e leaving with shitty br again with 0 motivation to grind this game again

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Better week, bad day :)
  anon, Aug 29 2008

Finally started running better, for few days i got sucked out much less until today the crap began again =). At one point i recovered and felt confident and today i got crushed again =[

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need a favour
  anon, Aug 22 2008

Good evening!
This summer i have put a lot of effor playing poker, but to say the least the whole summer was epic fail. Basically, i would really apreciate if someone could observe my play for like 1 hour and make notes on leaks or whatever, i believe my play is fine, i don't think i need coaching, just i must regain confidence and i need someone to confirm that i am just running bad, because i gave up all my hopes, ambitions and motivation on poker, don't feel like winning again...
So if anyone has some free time i would be really happy to hear constructive opinion about my play!
well anyway thanks in advance

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disappoiting summer
  anon, Aug 04 2008

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