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The Rake of Life

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Another FINAL TABLE on WPEX freeroll
  alphablend, Mar 26 2008

I am chip leader of yet another FT at WPEX

Now in second place, after taking SS. Someone come RAIL ME!!!

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Freeroll WPEX final table again!
  alphablend, Mar 23 2008

47131 is tourney ID -- my name is FridayNites. Lol freeroll donkaments

3rd in chips

edit 6 left! 2nd in chips!

edit 4 left! 3rd in chips!

edit 3 left! 3rd in chips! gtd MONEY

Homo lost AJ to QT for my whole stack finished 3rd :/ at least I got monies.

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Final table of WPEX freeroll
  alphablend, Mar 09 2008

I have been the CL on and off the whole tournament. My MTT game is pretty weak because I never play payouts are:

1 - $25
2 - $15
3 - $10

All other places pay nothing please come RAIL! Fridaynites

Tourney ID: 46536

I mostly play cash, I just signed up for this donkament for fun. This is not a brag post btw. Just if anyone is bored.

***** EDIT *****


Submitted by : alphablend

***** Hand history (v1.2) *****
Hand ID 132333286
$0 + $0 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - 08:11:09 09/03/2008 ET
Table 'Table 1235080', 10 seats max, Real money
Seat 3 is the button. Small Blind $1000, Big Blind $2000
Note: seat IDs range from 1 to 10
Seat 1 (playing) : laughter, amount $38601.79, amount bet $0, penalty (None)
Seat 2 (playing) : guelph66, amount $44465.88, amount bet $0, penalty (None)
Seat 3 (playing) : Story, amount $34439, amount bet $0, penalty (None)
Seat 5 (playing) : Hero , amount $62689, amount bet $0, penalty (None)
Seat 7 (playing) : kiskopasz101, amount $94172, amount bet $0, penalty (None)
Seat 8 (playing) : picurka, amount $82529.33, amount bet $0, penalty (None)
Seat 9 (playing) : Beware, amount $33103, amount bet $0, penalty (None)
Hero : Small Blind ($1000)
kiskopasz101: Big Blind ($2000)

Dealt to Hero :QdQc
picurka: Fold
Beware: Call ($2000)
laughter: Call ($2000)
guelph66: Fold
Story: Call ($2000)
Hero : Raise ($12000)
kiskopasz101: Fold
Beware: Fold
laughter: Raise ($38501.79)
Story: Fold
Hero : Call ($26501.79)

Flop (Pot : $86,003.58)

Turn (Pot : $86,003.58)

River (Pot : $86,003.58)

Main pot $83703.58, Rake $0
Summary laughter: bet $40501.79, won $0, net $-40501.79
Summary Hero : bet $39501.79, won $83703.58, net $44201.79, HoleCardsQdQc , HiHand [two pairs, queens and tens]QdQcTsThKc , won $83703.58 from main pot

***** EDIT *****

Guaranteed money, although no one railed me

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Stone Cold Tilt
  alphablend, Feb 06 2008

I learned the true meaning of stone cold tilt today. I feel like a fucking emo, I just raised 200 hands or so WAY over raising them. No one gives a shit anyways. Just donkeyed off like 5 buyins trying to muscle napkins around the table.

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Death Threats from foolsplay
  alphablend, Jan 13 2008

FoolsPlay from LP got very upsetting while playing BW and he threatened to kill me IRL. He seemed serious, I don't have much to live for so if he follows through with it cheers to him. However I would like everyone to know what happened to me.


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Laptops + Computer stuff for sale
  alphablend, Dec 27 2007

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Stood up
  alphablend, Dec 13 2007

I saw this over at and I must say, this is a pretty bad way to get shot down by a chick IMO


BombSniffingDog Turkmenistan. December 14 2007 15:15. Posts 21
I always found it hard to attack people who commited suicide for being selfish because one couldn't really fathom what was going through their head at that time. I know a girl from High school, her name was Melissa. She was into gay rights and such. She was a lesbian herself. I sat by her in mythology class and we got to know each other a little, but then I got to know her better when we started to talk on AIM rougly 5-6 months after high school. She was sexually interested in me although I was a male. I came back to town and after about 4 months of chatting with her online I had planned to meet her in person at the coffee shop with her girlfriend. Well she never showed up because she jumped off a bridge into the willematte river downtown and killed herself. Her body was found like 4 days later.

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2 outered = standard
  alphablend, Dec 11 2007

I was just 2 outtered for just under 8 buyins (ai on turn I get river shitted) negating a 3000 hand grind and puting me down for the day.

Me before river

Me after river

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Big session
  alphablend, Dec 10 2007

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 4375 hands and saw flop:


That is all

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My sister needs employment
  alphablend, Nov 08 2007

My sister needs an employer, problem is she is in school and has a poor schedule (heavy class load). Don't suggest poker as an option please. All the places she has applied will not work with her schedule. I was thinking a job like data entry would be good for her, so she can work on her own time (possibly from home). She did get accepted at one place, as much as I hate my sister I dont want to see her working at there, I know the people there, and I dont like them. Not only that, they pay is ABSOLUTE SHIT...

Any suggestions or a direct source to a data entry position? I realize I could do some searching for her, but I have seen multiple people in threads and blogs mention they were doing data entry at one point. I haven't done any searching for her because there are alot of "work at home for $4,000 a week" scams. And having never done any legitimate work myself I dont know where to look. Thanks.

Edit -- Make note No poker nothign illegal...

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