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Runnin Good - Feelin Confident :D
  adam001, Mar 20 2007

Alright so I finally decided to create a blog. Couple of my friends have done it already and I think it will be a good motivation tool to help further improve my game and confidence level. A little bit about me : I am 18 years old, live in Canada and have been playing poker seriously for about 10 months, starting with a 65$ roll and playing 25NL.

I moved up to 200NL 6max about 3 weeks ago after doing quite well in 100NL. So far 200NL is going well - I have played around 22K hands and have run at about 5.5ptbb/100 .

Also what I noticed today is that I was not playing optimally while 8-9 tabling. Recently I have cut the amount of tables I play to about 5-6 and my play has improved substantially :D.

Pics of PT stats and etc to come.

Side Note: lol@me working at McDonalds only 2-3 months ago for 7.5cad/h.



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