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The extent of my ignoranc

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Past , Present , Future (Longest Ever)
  Minsk, Nov 17 2008

Past - I started poker as gamer when i got like 40k out of first clueless session i crushed with (2 cards to come , i need a spade , spade is 1/4 suits , 2 chances, im 50% to win logic) i had no clue nor bankroll management (deposit 400, play 2/4 ) but lucked my $400 deposit into 3k or so before i lost it all by morningtime. From there i kept depositing thinking i was the shit (completely clueless) until i lost something like 5k... From then i figured out I was awful started trying to get better...pretty quick ( gaming background) i became good enough to beat the games and learned bankroll management...from there i started moving up until i was making really good money...Eventually I made a system for my future poker (Long term)

Present - Basically When i made my system i quit playing my regular games with lots of people from here to follow it... Never lost @ a level except 1/2 Full Ring(10k hands)...but i decided if i was going to take poker seriously my play and evolution should have a well structured approach...

Minsk Poker System - I used Pokerstars as the prototype for this system...Poker on pokerstars(havent expanded yet, capable later) consists of i think 92 games (screenshots coming)...The idea was to therefore split bankroll into 92 diffrent portions...each enough to play each of the 92 games at the lowest micro limit...(with diffring bankrolls depending on variance). The goal is obviously to reach the highest level in each game individually. This may seem like a bankroll scheme but to me its more of a skill gauge...I've never table selected so it gives a decent gauge of average player level vs Minsk level @ individual games. So that is the layout... Here is Layout Visualized...

This is the layout for each game ive found (pokerstars base so far)...The progress i mostly keep in PT3 / Stud / Omaha and Right on this spreadsheet for other games.

Current Game Progress : Mostly ive been playing Heads up NLHE SnG's... Here is progress...Just made it to 30$ ones today...Been playing way low volume in everything though...

So thats really all the explanation i think i need to include...there will be no more...i almost fell asleep...

Non-Poker Stuffs :

Sick good song...Ill try to include lots of this...if anyone knows similar stuff thats good please hook me up im like music fiend

Anyone know how i can get vids to play directly in the blog thing? it be appreciated

Busy with seminar this month will play lots more...
Fuck Cigarettes..

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The Extent, My Ignorance
  Minsk, Nov 07 2008

I've mostly avoided the poker community, so I make blog and stuff, hopefully will entertain some people ^.^
Epic History ~ Im 21...Play Pokers...hip hop head...Russian(live Atlanta atm)...would like to GTFO Atlanta...Heavy on Martial Arts...Serial Killer Unemotional...Respect Real People...Generally laugh at foolish actors...Huge Ego sometimes, possibly the biggest penis, most widest in circumference definitely...Attending GSU...Quitting GSU...Former Gaming Addict ( SC:BW , EQ , Magic Cards )...Sexually deprived for multiple month...Stalker(only once) ^.^...capable of hibernation.

I made this also because im searching for people
- Searching for people who understand poker to discuss poker stuff (dont have to be 10ptbb monster or winner even , just understand the why's and dont be button mashing boar)
- Probably looking for gaming / big breasted roommate in good locations

Will try to add poker stuff soon


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