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  aznricebeast, Dec 31 2010

The last 1,300 in winnings came from the last 24 hours lol

My goal in 2011 is to run better than I did in 2010 also to play more
1/2 NL HU(right now its 20%-.25/.5 75%-.50/1 5%-1/2) but on Ub its kinda scary since the initial bi is 200 BBs deep for any HU table

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Most hands played in on session ever?
  aznricebeast, Dec 24 2010

CORRECTION: (Most hands played IN A session ever?) Sorry sleepy

63,526 hands played(.25/.5), 56 hours straight SUP? (no bbjp though)

2 Royal flushes though

Now bringing the total hands to 1.2 Million of break even poker!

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Thanks for the Support LP!
  aznricebeast, Dec 21 2010

Could not have done it w/o u guys! Thanks again for all the suggestions and comments/support. it seems 50 days of epic run bad finally came to a end!

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discouraged as a motherfucker
  aznricebeast, Dec 17 2010

Well i stoped playing Robot poker(full ring 20 tables) with rakeback in a attempt to play "winning poker"(heads up)

-17.33 bis under EV so much for winning poker lol

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Isnt EV FUN???
  aznricebeast, Dec 10 2010

ALl .25/.5 and .5/1 HU

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omg hu tilt
  aznricebeast, Nov 18 2010

just played a mega MEGA fish for 1.5 hrs and he ended up totally destroying me in the last hand(lost the biggest pot of my life right there) he hit every runner runner flush possible i ran the exact opposite my sets were good 0/2 times .

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Heads up EV not rewarding me :p
  aznricebeast, Nov 17 2010

feel like im playing great. But it can get Frustrating! break time

For technical analysis-

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Running -550 under ev
  aznricebeast, Nov 16 2010

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4BBJPs in 30 Days wtf is going on???
  aznricebeast, Oct 06 2010

Nice going. By being smart enough to park yourself at a Bad Beat Jackpot table, you've won a nice chunk of the latest jackpot that was popped at 23:08:45 on 2010-10-05. Here's a look at the details:

Bad Beat Jackpot: $163,179.31
Players' Share: $45.66
Your Cut: $913.20

OCT off to a good start swung back into the green and popped my 1st BBJP of the month

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OCTober so far
  aznricebeast, Oct 03 2010

all .25/.5 HU

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