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Flipper in rehab

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Long required update
  Artanis[Xp], May 07 2010

So, the last blog I did had my roll at ~300k. Those times are long, long gone and my roll is a solid 5 figures again. I guess I lost most of it at 100/200 8game and staking and stuff like that, in short being a total degen. I have limited myself to 3/6 max since then and I'm slowly winning again at pokers whilst still being a total degen in other ways, like the $100NL homegame where everyone spews incredibly hard and has to autorebuy to 250bb.

This has however not hurt my morale, and I am feeling very happy mentally. A lot happier then I was when my BR was still a lot bigger, strange enough. I guess it's a change of mindset. I have started looking at the world in a much more positive light and exited an at least 4 year long depression since about august last year. I have recently begun grinding again and have shown marginally positive results. Though I still spew quite a bit in certain spots I'm happy with how I play in general and expect to slowly grind back up within reasonable time.

I've also started coaching. I am now a coach at which is led in large part by my friend Loosefer. I am looking for more students and I charge $100/hr. Will teach from 50NL up to 400NL.

I'd also like to thank all the railbirds since I'm a giant attention whore, and though I can't offer mass 1k multiway flips in the near future, I do hope to give you something to rail. Possibly a SCOOP FT? Who knows.

Now for some songs I find awesome:
Nydvind - King of the Hills (Pagan Metal) - I'm actually going to Metz to see them on the 14th!

Bad Religion - Shattered Faith (Punk)

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Buddy Guy (Blues, 3 parts)

Béla Bartók (Classical)

Exxasens (Post-Rock)

Sting (Pop/Rock)

John Coltrane (Jazz)

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$40 Micro Million
  Artanis[Xp], Feb 14 2010

This tourney will have MASSIVE ROI for anyone competent, so I'm going to be giving out $40 stakes to trustworthy LP members at 80/20 in my favor. Ship me a PM or put a message on here if you're interested. If you have a low number of posts it'd be great if you could get someone to vouch for your trustworthiness. I'm looking to stake about 20 people.

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  Artanis[Xp], Feb 04 2010

Need a new key and SC Installation files. Just got a new pc and lost my starcraft cd ages ago, also can't buy a new one since I can't pay on the server without using a credit card (guess what, I have none). Anyone that can help get me set up with the SC installation files and a VALID key (preferably bought from the blizzard site himself) will get $25 on stars after I manage to log in on bnet.

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Solid milestone imo
  Artanis[Xp], Jun 08 2009

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Stakaments for sun 1/4 mil
  Artanis[Xp], Jun 07 2009

Think I'll stake as many people as I can. Under just one this condition: At least 250 posts on
Profit will be split 80/20 in my favor. Just be honest since it's easy to follow you on tracking sites.


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Standard may
  Artanis[Xp], Jun 02 2009

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Bow to your master
  Artanis[Xp], Apr 27 2009

Insert congratulations here.

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stars for FTP$*
  Artanis[Xp], Feb 07 2009

I'm retarded, my apologies.
I'm looking for $950 on FTP for FTOPS events, and have stars$ in return. Please PM me.

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1 more
  Artanis[Xp], Jan 31 2009

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Ship it
  Artanis[Xp], Jan 12 2009

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