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jedi lizard king pt7

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 18 2024 18:45. Posts 15162
PRESENT DAY: This is one of my "field" notepads, from time I was doing actually well. I literally took them to the pub with me, write drunk :D:

What the fuck are you doing biatch? Your values are fucking being an AWESOME PRO.
This amazing positive force of nature that pushes forward, fucking LOVES to ride the waves of ups and downs.

Fucking powerful habits like a fucking jedi lizard king, getting a fucking hardon at every possibility of improvement!

Living life to the fullest!

Thefuckyou cunt is this, you have a billion dollar body, you watch junk, you eat junk...ass? You're gonna be in love with pushing the process, doing amazing shit, right now, go towards pain, feel it, then do the awesome thing. You're gonna get excited about making life amazing!
How? Habits! Hard to so something? START! ACT!.

Heavy feelings, anxiety, overwhelmed? You're gonna FEEL IT!
As hardas you can!
Feel it in your GUTS!

Then realize you are NOT THAT ANXIETY. Your mind has awareness of it, It's telling you to ACT, and do something amazing for your life and other people!

Is fucking massive. This amazing superpower, use it. How you ask?
Throw ball, shower, clean, listen to music, count from 300, hypnosis.

towards improvement. It's absurt you hide in distractions, vides, games, porn, junk food. And remember - smile smile and smile, that's how life is great!

In a club at 9pm
During swedish house mafia I let go totally. Rage came out, I was totally screaming
- runbad
- cold, sick, can't push myself.
- Aunt with alzheimers I have to take care of constantly.
It felt like I reconnectyed with myself, a whole person, same as in the gym. Push it all out, felt serious, like I matter again.

"Watching H3H3 while chugging on nutella at 4AM., WP son. The fuck hah" you're a fucking nutter when I, the supervisor me, take a break.
Defision - give inner monologue a name. Talk to it. Schizophrenia is good when self-induced. You are a madman, and I love it. When it's controlled.

I hope these notepads won't be like nixon tapes.

Corey Wayne
You have to be great with you. You need to believe in your value in order to accept the love of other.
You are ok with just sitting on your own.
Never seek validation from others.
YOU are the source of your validation and motivation, women are not your therapists.
Relax, do what feels right, just act! .
Go in the direction of your passion, and let people hop on and off.
=> Poker was FUN today, I loved the pattern, loved writing through my issues, facing them head on, they quickly dissapeared.

Ask yourself great QUESTIONS!
Win, lose, high stake, low stake, broke , rich, fat fit, nothing changes.
It's about this week, this day, this hour and thismoment. Do your best and that's all here is. Breathe, plan, pause, observe, face reality, exercise, sleep, ask good questions, focus on answers and solutions, stretch.

Sugar is like a fucking poison. Avoid poisoning yourself, take care of yoursels like you would take care of a loved one! Your time is your best resurce, it is VALUABLE!

Pavla + michal BEER WITH THEM IN the tall buulding! It was awesome to see her, talk to her about the bakery,hos she likes girls.

Basketball is great, go again!

Believe in your strategy, get cocky "I am gong to make the right decisions every hand"
"I will crash and make better plays, sizings etc. than they would if situations were reversed"

Think longer term, consistent right decisions, winning money is not inmportant in the short run, making your best decisions is all that matters in the present. "They'd not bluff here, I will be disciplined and make the rigth uncomfortable bluff = > make $$ in the long run.
Feel GREAT about close folds and think good bluffs, when you play better than your opponents no matter the result.

It's amazing when you do good things like a walk even when you don't feel like it AT ALL, you took action.
Believe in yourself, you are you right now, others are to help you. Ask "what are you proud of" "how can you be even greater?"

= Emotions + thoughts in sync.
Goal: pay attention to thoughts that reinforce + support your values.

Default mode network: Mind is active the most when it is resting! Remember the lecture about shrooms.
Defusion helps with calmingyour mind. Notice your thoughts!

Imagine your thought process as 1st graders arguing and you watch them. So what that you feel fat, you worked out, you ate late in the day, you always feel off and that's okay, you had caloric deficit. It's natural you feel anxiety about strangers son, you were overwhelmed, your mind is NOT empty and you have not practiced.
=> Get into advice mode, be a student, get perspective

Aim is to stand back from thoughts with a perspective.

PRESENT DAY: LOL I went to get a few beers, wrote this at a pub from ACT book, then went partying!

imagine standing on a small bridge, leaves in a brook keep floating on the river, you watch as your float each floats on theleaf, you let it go. If it comesback, you watch it float away again.
Try to catch what interrupted you.

1) predictable, repeatable thoughts that seem part of you
- What if I lose?
- I need food when I feel bad
2) Dissapearing into thoughts, failing to get tasks done, letting time pass
=> try to catch the moment when you dissapeared into thoughts, when you fused.
=> Identify triggers.
Record your MIC IN SESSIONS. .

Notice thoughts, diffuse from them (singing, leaves on a stream, 1st graders, writing)
Accept them and act on those that support your VALUES.

I had a weird chat, my "high" self was giving me a lecture, in the mirror and was analyzing my situation, it was being understanding in this schizophrenia. It gave me steps, like I am a kid, I even talked back to him, basically having a conversation with myself. I felt this need for women, playing dota, watching 30 Rock, I wanted to hide away! He told me it was ok, to accept the consequences of eating that unhealthy food, that he gets why I did that . What a virtue signalling cunt! All smart and shit, righteous, he is you! It's hard our there for a pimp though he ain't getting it.

Emotional flexibility.
Corey wayne rules have been damaging actually.

I am a lot like Trump, use the nose breathing to compose myself. I use gestures with hands. I pucked up the head tilt from Jack Donaghy

I felt just totally awful today. I leaned into it, wrote fast and I started even yelling, took deep breaths, my eyes started watering. I realized "give me more, MORE" as I went overboard with emotions which brought - awareness as I overplayed them! I was smiling like a madman as I felt through that, put on aggro tiesto at Lazarska tram stop.

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93% Sure! Last edit: 20/01/2024 09:12

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 21 2024 08:53. Posts 15162

Our reality is a game. Not good or bad, situations you consider difficult just help you understand yourself better. Focus on the silences.
Imagine a time when you were confident.

Ask questions of people, do not come across as hungry. Be proud of what you do.

When you are strong values are stong and you are a centered person, you face the consequences, take responsibility. Honesty comes as a natural by-product . Radical honesty are like PUAs - focusing on symptoms instead of becoming an actual being. Talk openly wwith parents.

I stillhave the tendency of assuming the personality of others. You are honest with yourself. You write, feel through emotions, face reality so you can RATIONALLY
1) Make a plan
2) Breathe, Pause and FOCUS ON THE RIGHT NOW!
- You dealt with the past
- you planned for the future
- All that remains is to make the most out of the present moment.

You are not trying to sell others on your values, trying to convince them of shit! YOu kindly clearly and openly express what you want and who you are. Try to understand them, listen, and face the consequences.

Today I was winning again - it makes it hard to focus, had the feeling to lock down a win again

Short history of nearly everything
Earth is totally insignifficant in cosmic terms, why does life anyways. It's what humans tell themselves. Life or no life is not good or bad, it just is. Atmosphere, humans, just don't fucking matter.
=> Live your life in line with values, with your beliefs, what feels right. Letting yourself live life by other people's values is a DISASTER, don't fucking do it
focus on the NOW, enjoy the moment, do your best, that's all that fucking matters anyways.

Don't waste your time, grinding half assedly sucks, that's now why you do this - to autopilot while watching movies, slouching back you ass...Make every hand matter, get excited about playing, your range is great, tank like it's your last fucking hand ever!

Nehvizdy when I let go, amazing. Did 7! good system, map ready, territory prepared, followed the plan HARD. All went well, listened to Ziglar, prepared for the FIELD!
No space for overthinking. All people are amazing, they have unique awesome stories. As long as you face people, talk, you win! fuck the results, today is the day to be awesome!

93% Sure!  


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