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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 13 2024 12:58. Posts 15162
So, in my life upswing I wrote journals, mad scribblings with diary, messages to my self, and bumper sticker stuff. I will be moving soon, and want a fresh start, these notepads I never read back won't go with me. So here we go, knowledge from past 7+ years. Only lifted stuff, there are good 40 notepads here.

I find when I stop writing my life gets chaotic, like right now. I Hope writing this down and throwing away the notepads will motivate me! Only thing I keep are event and sex reports. Because that stuff can't be written twice haha.

I even took the notepads to pubs, trams even dates with me, my friends added some KNOWLEDGE too

Every sign of tension is an invitation to relax.

I am me right now, that's all that matters.

It's not what happens to you, it's how you react to it

Power is in continuous balanced habits.

Be grateful to the you that put in the work during hard times.

I ask my powerful brain great questions and give it space and calm for answers. Then I act on them.

Every moment in time I reevaluate how best I can use it, what's the awesomest use of mybtine right now.

I live by my values, I work hardest when things are good, maintain when not. Go after it ruthlessly when winning! Remember the struggles and push through. Build steady working habits, push hard when at the top to.max your limits, and relax in hard times.

Go towards successes, to things that feel right to you, give yourself as a gift to others.

Challenge yourself, welcome strong opponents as a way to test yourself and see what you can improve.

Schedule brings stability to ride the waves.

You are complete, women compete over you, you give yourself forward and choose who to share the gift with.

Women, sex, dark mood, a simple look with a stranger, beauty. They are an experience, they all all the same. Doesn't need to lead to anything. Just enjoy what is, what just happened. Swearing while tired is just as cool as a smile with a stranger or a 5 hour fucking session.

Remember pal, you are openly fascinated by your dark side. Keep writing, peeps being fascinated at your states, at people, listen with an open mind.

Never think less of yourself, but think of yourself less.

Get excited about understanding people. Their habits, quirks, goals.and views, values. They are like countries to be discovered.

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93% Sure! Last edit: 13/01/2024 13:03

PuertoRican   United States. Jan 15 2024 00:16. Posts 13014

Rekrul is a newb 

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 17 2024 15:52. Posts 15162

A year from now I am the master of the game. How did I get there?
1) Calm Reviews, every week
Present, Frequent, study.
I sit down, set time, study from a source - sims, vids, anythin.
2) I eat the most amazing diet. I track all I eat.
3) I always take breaks between sessions - walks, hypnosis etc.
4) I workout.
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Present day comment: I did wake up at 4 am for a long time, right before I jumped into part time job. Now I do x2 per week workout job where I wake up at 3 am :D
Only now though, after a YEAR, I manage to keep the schedule even when I don't have to - tournaments help.

Wednesday I missed routine, after running 11 km Comment: HOLEE FUCK, WHAT WAS MY LIFE, I was awesome :D This is the time when I used Zombies, RUN! and ran every day to share on insta, sick! I let it go this week. There is MORE, CALMNESS, where all is connected, stillness behind my amazing erratic all over the place self.

I went towards pain, even enjoyed it - someplace * Vrane nad vltavou with Jan. Movement/uphill, talking, my values went hurting hardcore, I leaned into it, was curious, an observer, an explorer, it was like ecstasy, like crack, felt amazing seeing that experience that happened to be pain. I am curious, wide eyed, excited, hungry for new inputs, new experiences, highs, lows, boredom, tiredness =>They are AWESOME! HORIZONS TO INDULGE!
That week: Swim velky rybnik + Repy workout. Rokytka workout. Waltrovka workout. Jan walk, 3x RUN, Driving lessons, admin,a LOT, no hud.

Mo. cancelled, felt bad, she went for a hike the day before instead, dating seems pointless when my time is important. I love you vasku, you are a full complete person and I love you very much. Today you willsmash my friend, focus, put plan on, music on, focus, do it! Tolle: there is only the NOW, thinking is destructive, as it leads to psychological time obsession. Use practical time, but live in the now!

93% Sure!  


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