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FrinkX   United States. Sep 12 2021 10:15. Posts 7520

Anyone here into it? Bet on it?

I knew absolutely nothing about it until I watched the Netflix show and got hooked. This is my first season watching it and am betting on it for fun. Odds seem pretty terrible overall but that doesn't stop me lol, it's really fun to watch with some $ on it. I did manage to get a bet on Mercedes to win the constructors at +325 which I'm happy about.

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bitch on a pension suck my dong 

Baalim   Mexico. Sep 13 2021 03:31. Posts 33831

Yup I've been watching for many years, Max taking Lewis out today felt great

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lostaccount   Canada. Sep 14 2021 02:56. Posts 3488

i use to watch a lot when i was a kid but i don't watch much sports these days so nope. I hope Max wins lewis been winning too much lately


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