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Do you meditate?

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spets1   Australia. Mar 03 2021 03:59. Posts 2166
I've tried it a bit, like try not to think about anything at all. I can feel my brain relax, its pretty cool tbh. But usually a couple minutes later I realise im once again thinking about something. Or sometimes I take all the thought out of my mind and imagine to put them onto a shelf, not to touch them.
It's pretty cool, also good to actually come up with good ideas especially if you're caught in a thought circle when you keep circling around the same thoughts without any productivity

such as these:

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lostaccount   Canada. Mar 03 2021 15:30. Posts 4407

Spet ur back and yes I do

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spets1   Australia. Mar 03 2021 20:28. Posts 2166

Back to shill some bitcoin at all time highs


lostaccount   Canada. Mar 04 2021 04:26. Posts 4407


Time for war in order for peace . i come in peace if ur looking for war i give u war peace 

vasoline73   United States. Mar 05 2021 06:41. Posts 805

I meditate if I'm cornered and have no choice in the matter. When I feel a panic attack coming basically. Meditation helps a lot... and afterwards l think to myself, "I should do this every day..."

But it's difficult if you aren't in the habit. GL with it spets. I find setting a timer makes it easier if you haven't used one already. GL

Endo   United States. Mar 06 2021 20:18. Posts 953

I missed your posts spets

Silver_nz   New Zealand. May 12 2021 21:50. Posts 5644

Yes, the thoughts that come in are what allow you to practice meditation. if you were able to meditate perfectly right from the start, where would be the skill, and the getting better? every time a thought intrudes is an opportunity to practice returning to your focus.
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ggplz   Sweden. May 13 2021 00:00. Posts 16762

I think spets has achieved enlightenment

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lostaccount   Canada. Jan 05 2022 09:55. Posts 4407

How can I think of nothing when u keep distracting me with all these pics

Time for war in order for peace . i come in peace if ur looking for war i give u war peace 


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