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Handnr: 990288
Submitted by : Rinny

Merge Game #62810952-995 | Holdem NL $0.02/$0.04 | 2012/10/30 20:04:31 -0400 | Version:2
Table Santiago V 62810952 , Seats 6
Seat 1: Avalon7 $11.00 in chips DEALER
Seat 2: RinnyZerg $4.98 in chips
Seat 3: time21 $3.16 in chips
Seat 4: dhallet88 $4.15 in chips
Seat 5: ONGratholer $1.16 in chips
Seat 6: LOLWhocares $4.39 in chips
RinnyZerg: Post SB $0.02
time21: Post BB $0.04

Dealt to RinnyZerg5c4c
dhallet88: Fold
ONGratholer: Fold
LOLWhocares: Fold
Avalon7: Fold
RinnyZerg: Call $0.02
time21: Raise $0.08
RinnyZerg: Call $0.04

Flop (Pot : $0.16)

RinnyZerg: Check
time21: Bet $0.24
RinnyZerg: Raise $0.88
time21: Raise $1.52
RinnyZerg: Allin $4.02
time21: Allin $1.56

Turn (Pot : $6.58)


River (Pot : $6.58)


RinnyZerg: Shows5c4c
time21: Shows8d8c
time21: wins $6.01
RinnyZerg: wins $1.82 uncalled

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Rinny   United States. Oct 31 2012 09:17. Posts 600

Is this +ev? Villian is 28/15. he hasnt raised the flop with 3 opportunities to do so. I only had 38 hand w/ him.

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Trolala   Estonia. Oct 31 2012 09:20. Posts 2050

don't limp

I think it's fine

You won't have good players at your limit. Ever

But this is how they kiss on merge?

 Last edit: 31/10/2012 09:21

Rinny   United States. Oct 31 2012 09:30. Posts 600

so should i fold 54s? or should i raise like 60% of hands in an unopened pot from sb

Trolala   Estonia. Oct 31 2012 09:34. Posts 2050

open 100% if he folds a lot

open less when he starts playing either by calling or 3betting

Rinny   United States. Oct 31 2012 09:35. Posts 600

  On October 31 2012 08:20 Trolala wrote:

You won't have good players at your limit. Ever

Except 4 me right

Thanks for your help

Mariuslol   Norway. Oct 31 2012 12:41. Posts 4742

Open up SB depending on how much the BB defends. Silly to l/c

Rather go a normal size, and steal.
If someone is a nit, any 2 cards is fine. If he plays more back, floats 3b, we narrow our range a bit. If he floats a lot, we fire when we hit on flop, then check the turn, to have him burn himself.


That's probably what longple would do

Was bored, so played around with Equilab some

Tight Approach:

* 1 Player to get through
* If your opponenet doesn't defend much you can open Any Two Cards (ATC)
* Your range should depend on your opponents play style (If they fold toa lot of C bet, 80+, opening sick wide range, and c bet a lot. If he stacks off lightly with top pair etc, open a lot of speculative hands, and have a lot of implied odds. People who floats, 3b, so forth, NARROW ur range).
* Tight Opening Range for SB (top 22% of hands)
- Pairs: 22+
- Suited Aces: A2s+
- Suited Connectors: 87s+
- Suited Gappers: T8s+, J8s+
- High Card Hands: A8o+, KTo+, QTo+

Loose Approach:

Opening From: The Small Blind Loose Approach
* Should be used when Big Blind is tight pre or post
* Loose Aggressive Opening RAnges
- Pairs 22+
- Suited Aces: A2s+
- Suited Gappers: 53s+ T7s+
- Suited High Cards: K2s+, Q5s+
- High Card Hands: A2o+, K5o+, Q7o+, J8o+, 87o+
(idea is to get hands that gives us disguised draws, hands that a Tight guy don't put us on).
45% of hands maybe, not sure

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