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Handnr: 850935
Submitted by : palak

***** Hand History for Game 23305954534 ***** (Full Tilt)
$200.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, August 23, 01:19:18 ET 2010
Table Galileo (6 max) (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Seat 1: 80545354768740 ( $201.00 USD )
Seat 2: dlmglen67 ( $545.55 USD )
Seat 3: ImHero ( $200.00 USD )
Seat 4: jojohnny ( $263.75 USD )
Seat 5: built2tiltttttt ( $194.00 USD )
Seat 6: uberpwnage314 ( $228.95 USD )
80545354768740 posts small blind $1.00 USD.
jojohnny posts big blind $2.00 USD.

Dealt to uberpwnage314 QdQh
built2tiltttttt folds
uberpwnage314 raises $6.00 USD
80545354768740 folds
jojohnny calls $4.00 USD

Flop (Pot : $13.00)

jojohnny checks
uberpwnage314 bets $8.00 USD
jojohnny raises $26.00 USD
uberpwnage314 calls $18.00 USD

Turn (Pot : $65.00)

jojohnny bets $48.00 USD
uberpwnage314 calls $48.00 USD

River (Pot : $161.00)

jojohnny bets $183.75 USD

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palak   United States. Aug 24 2010 02:19. Posts 4601

Villain is a nittish reg who is 18/15 and 3bets 5% from the bb. He only folds to cbets 1/3 of the time so far but that's on a 6 cbet sample I think. Flop I figure my hand is to strong to fold IP, turn I was debating about shoving overtop or raising?, river I'm torn, He is to nitty to every shove the Kh here so he has Ah or some hand turned bluff. Also I think he 3bets AA here so they only way he can have Ah imo is with AhJx or a flopped nut flush.

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dont tap the about ready to take a fucking hammer to the aquarium 

D_Zoo   Canada. Aug 25 2010 01:42. Posts 4013

he si such a nit at this limit w/o anything crazy happening i would just play it the same way

just cuz he doesnt fold to cbet might not mean he c/rs often u would want to see that stat.
if someone doesnt fold to cbets often but also doesnt c/r, they are usually super strong esp if a tighter pre player since they like calling

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