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Handnr: 719079
Submitted by : Artanis[Xp]

PokerStars Game #30637691199: Razz Limit ($100/$200) - 2009/07/19 19:59:31 CET [2009/07/19 13:59:31 ET]
Table Nata 8-max
Seat 1: Artanis11 ($6692 in chips)
Seat 3: Amke ($1208 in chips)
Seat 4: teacuppoker ($7086 in chips)
Artanis11: posts the ante $20
Amke: posts the ante $20
teacuppoker: posts the ante $20

3rd Street (Pot : $0.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 7s5d6h
Dealt to Amke 7c
Dealt to teacuppoker Th
teacuppoker: brings in for $35
Artanis11: raises $65 to $100
Amke: raises $100 to $200
teacuppoker: folds
Artanis11: raises $100 to $300
Amke: calls $100

4th Street (Pot : $600.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 7s5d6h Ts
Dealt to Amke 7c Td
Artanis11: bets $100
Amke: calls $100

5th Street (Pot : $800.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 7s5d6hTs Ah
Dealt to Amke 7cTd As
Artanis11: bets $200
Amke: calls $200

6th Street (Pot : $1,200.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 7s5d6hTsAh 3d
Dealt to Amke 7cTdAs Jd
Artanis11: bets $200
Amke: calls $200

River (Pot : $1,600.00)

Dealt to Artanis11 7s5d6hTsAh3d Qc
Artanis11: bets $200
Amke: raises $188 to $388 and is all-in
Artanis11: calls $188

Amke: shows 4c2c7cTdAsJd6c (Lo: 7,6,4,2,A)
Artanis11: mucks hand
Amke collected $2470 from pot

Total pot $2471 | Rake $1
Seat 1: Artanis11 mucked 7s5d6hTsAh3dQc
Seat 3: Amke showed 4c2c7cTdAsJd6c and won ($2470) with Lo: 7,6,4,2,A
Seat 4: teacuppoker folded on the 3rd Street

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djforever   Canada. Jul 19 2009 14:11. Posts 1510

super standard obv, amke is unbelievably stupid.

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Artanis[Xp]   Netherlands. Jul 19 2009 14:16. Posts 4697

what's more standard is the hitnrun afterwards

TalentedTom    Canada. Jul 19 2009 14:24. Posts 20070

hows razz working out, seems like no one knows how to play - should be a good game

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us and as we let our own lights shine we unconsciously give other people permision to do the same 

Artanis[Xp]   Netherlands. Jul 19 2009 14:25. Posts 4697

I was doing ok till dj decided to curse me too


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