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Handnr: 1088547
Submitted by : Endo

No stats on opponent. FR, he's playing 386, I have a stack of 837 so I cover. I'm in UTG+3 with


Straddle to 4, UTG + 2 calls, I raise to 16, Hijack villain in our hand calls, button calls, UTG + 2 calls .

4 to the flop, pot is 71

Flop is

Js9s Qh

UTG + 2 checks, I bet 44, villain calls, other 2 fold .

Turn is

pot is 159

I bet 105 - should I have checked here?

Villain jams for 342.

I ...?

is this a clearcut decision? Did I play any streets such as the turn incorrectly?

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Nitewin   United States. Nov 08 2019 15:49. Posts 1537

very nice

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fira   United States. Nov 09 2019 04:27. Posts 6345

wait so u have a straight flush draw from the flop?

if so then turn seems like a good spot to check/call, and if u do bet u should get it in because pot is way too big compared to the raise size and u have way too much equity even against a range that has no bluffs

pot is 370 and raise size is 240, u only need 28% equity to call here and u should have that with this hand. u are 25% vs a set, 22%~ vs the nut straight, and 29-43% vs 2pair. if he's possibly bluffing with a hand like KJh then this goes from close to breakeven to slam dunk call. point is u can never be too wrong by getting it in. but yeah i guess try to know ur equity vs his range and know how to calculate required equity for allins

but yeah i do like check/calling turn rather than betting, for a variety of reasons, one of which is the weird spot u get put in if u do bet and he jams

also i think any type of KQ, even without the flush draw, is generally a check/call on turn. betting (esp the big sizing u went with) seems best with a polarized range of strong value hands and bluffs.

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