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Handnr: 1084512
Submitted by : Chewits

#Game No : 18256058583
***** Hand History for Game 18256058583 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $11 USD Buy-in Trny:198660375 Level:3 Blinds-Antes 125/250 -30 - Wednesday, February 06, 22:10:36 GMT 2019
Table KO Series #19-L. $10K Gtd [Mix-Max, Turbo] 198660375 Table #37 Real Money
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 8/8
Seat 7: Hero 51,589
Seat 3: IllWinYourMoney 49,175
Seat 1: MildStorm 49,850
Seat 5: OBe4ka_Dolly 48,262
Seat 6: Simsenskov 54,305
Seat 4: Tes1aBoy7 48,020
Seat 2: kansasct 50,150
Seat 8: mrsid88 50,000
Trny:198660375 Level:3
Blinds-Antes 125/250 -30
MildStorm posts ante [30]
kansasct posts ante [30]
IllWinYourMoney posts ante [30]
Tes1aBoy7 posts ante [30]
OBe4ka_Dolly posts ante [30]
Simsenskov posts ante [30]
Hero posts ante [30]
mrsid88 posts ante [30]
kansasct posts small blind [125].
IllWinYourMoney posts big blind [250].

Dealt to Hero [AsAh ]
Tes1aBoy7 folds
OBe4ka_Dolly folds
Simsenskov raises [600]
Hero raises [1,875]
mrsid88 folds
MildStorm folds
kansasct calls [1,750]
IllWinYourMoney calls [1,625]
Simsenskov calls [1,275]

Flop (Pot : $7,740.00)

kansasct checks
IllWinYourMoney checks
Simsenskov checks
Hero bets [4,024]
kansasct calls [4,024]
IllWinYourMoney folds
Simsenskov folds

Turn (Pot : $15,788.00)

kansasct checks
Hero bets [10,104]
kansasct calls [10,104]

River (Pot : $35,996.00)

kansasct checks

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Chewits   United Kingdom. Feb 07 2019 10:35. Posts 2534

200bb eff stack - villain seems very loose on tiny sample size, micro stakes. Is this a check or jam? We both have pot size stack left on river.

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I am a degen. Do not believe in any of my advice.Last edit: 07/02/2019 10:37

Ryan Neilly   United States. Feb 08 2019 01:39. Posts 1272

3bet bigger preflop this deep..

when i bet bet here, i check back this river, very hard to get called by worse on river.

Chewits   United Kingdom. Feb 08 2019 11:19. Posts 2534

Yes, I def need to size up here pre when deeper. Thanks I think thats a bit of a habit as in alot of these MTTs you are less than 60bb deep. and 3 betting AA small is pretty normal, also because i have alot of players still to act.

Anyway, yes I can only beat AT,A6,A4 (all unlikely as i have the blockers), maybe 9T and 88,99,JJ and maaaaybe QQ. But I dont think he is ever playing QQ+ like this. So I yeah I do decide to check back on this thinking, but I wasn't sure if i was missing some EV here.

btw, I am just getting back into playing after many many years of life break. Seems LP is not very active anymore

I am a degen. Do not believe in any of my advice. 

Ryan Neilly   United States. Feb 12 2019 08:16. Posts 1272

naw not many ppl posting but still a few good hands here n there

try to give good advice if i see a spot tho

keep posting



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