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Cut that shit out variance...

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Red9   Canada. May 10 2010 03:01. Posts 7447
Chilling at a poker room, shitting on a guy at 100nl,small stakes nothing to brag...
up 2 buyins on him, sitting with 350 he covers cause hes a whale
whale straddles, fold to me mp, i raise kk to 8, all fold, whale smirks at me, makes it 25...
i give him a fuck you stare, pop it to 70...
he insta shoves...i insta call
he shows j6 suited...
he turns quads...

Life is grand.

P.S. afterward he said he thought I would fold...who am I matusow?

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I will grind you into dust.Last edit: 10/05/2010 03:04

night_front   United States. May 10 2010 03:45. Posts 294

Story of my life

Stroggos   New Zealand. May 10 2010 04:11. Posts 1117

smirk= insta call anything? lol


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