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Blink by Malcolm Caldwell

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Wreckognize   . May 04 2010 23:31. Posts 1263
I just finished the book. Seriously was one of the few books I have read that I could say was life changing. It in depth explains why your first thought and guess/intuition is always the best with factual evidence. Trust me if your a live poker player you should definiteley read it. I would have said more but I'm at the tables and this is from my iPhone.

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DarkDevildog   United States. May 04 2010 23:53. Posts 1764

A+ book. I would recommend it to everyone

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enfant   Bulgaria. May 05 2010 01:38. Posts 388

I stopped around page 40, couldn't see the point, as one can hardly apply anything from it in the everyday life situations (imo).
Now with this blog I'll give it another try, maybe it gets better :0

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Stroggos   New Zealand. May 05 2010 02:54. Posts 1117

well, now that i know that my first guess is always best i won't have to read it

Sanity   United States. May 05 2010 04:21. Posts 1076

  On May 05 2010 01:54 Stroggos wrote:
well, now that i know that my first guess is always best i won't have to read it


Steal City   United States. May 05 2010 12:30. Posts 2537

read the book, it was bad. U can probably learn more in 5 minutes on wikipedia. Basically he says something and then gives 80 pages of fluffy and single person accounts to prove it. It's a waste of time.  


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