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Small live poker rant

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Red9   Canada. Dec 04 2009 19:53. Posts 7447
There was a live 100nl game happening at a friends house last night, villain and myself are 150 bb effective, villain utg raises 4,button calls, I'm in the bb make it 16 total with AcKs, villain/button call(pot 48$) going to the flop.
Reads on villain: massive fish, bets strong with garbage,air,draws...he is stoned. Button: no reads, new player, seems like a station.
Flop 10c 4d 2d
Now I don't like that I checked in retrospect but wtv...I check, villain bets 39 and button folds.
I timebank 2 mins or so and based on a lot of info he was giving away with hand gestures,posture etc...I shove for 95 or 100 more I don't remember.
Villain snap calls and for an instant I think I'm fucked...if not for his next words: "I have nothing..."
Villain turns over KcJd...for a king high call with an immediate explanation that he put me on nothing since my pf raise...way to polarize hand ranges.
Turn Qs
River 9h
Mmmm yeah...CHIPS.

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I will grind you into dust. 

RaiZ   France. Dec 04 2009 21:31. Posts 1503

Lol your cards are rigged obv.

Shin-il : Yeah it was very very very good for me too. Rekrul : YOU MOTHER FUCKING FUCKING SON OF A BITCH 


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