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Playing FR

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AleKSei   Mexico. Jul 08 2007 16:42. Posts 1261
Well sorry for the lack of updates, i had a wekeend at a nearby beach and didnt played that much.

Well july started with me deciding that im just not cut for pokerstars, i dont know the software(great btw) just doesnt fit me, and the lack of RB is a big issue for me, so i decided to move to FTP where the RB is generous and the signup bonus is great.

As soon as i started playing there i played really bad, got into many weird spots, tilted and lost like 140dollars, but it was even thanks to the bonus and RB, so i decided to rethink and start something new, my shorthanded st<x>yle was really weak and nitty, im just not that good at mindless agression and that kind of stuff, im much better(IMHO) at spotting bluffs, being more passive and more mathematical approach to the game so i thought on giving FR a try.

FR for me is something new, i never really played FR because when i started i could only play 4 tables, i was really slow, so i thought it was boring and i sticked to shorthanded games because they where basicaly faster, but know that im capable of playing 12 tables at stars(fast) 6 handed i decided to give it a shot.

At first it was kinda weird, just playing nitty and wait for great hands, so people stack off, people at FT low limits(this is mostly true at all sites except Stars imo) are really bad, really really bad, im not saying that im great, is just that i have a little more experience and more mathematical knowledge than most lowlimit pla<x>yers so i have a good edge.

Well enough of blablabla, i will post some stats.



I still do retarded 6max things like stacking with tptk, which im currently working a lot on making more folds because of the nittyness.

Thanks all.

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sTrAtO   Mexico. Jul 08 2007 19:42. Posts 5882

6max for me is cooler and badbeat land... i think im decent at FR for the stacks I play...

gl at FR

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