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The struggle continues

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seweri   Finland. May 15 2007 16:53. Posts 165
O-kay, it's a real long time since I last wrote anything on my blog... Let's do a quick replay of last month:

Moved my roll out of PartyPoker for some bonus whoring. Decided to go for pokerroom bonus cause my roommate did it and said the players were extremely bad there -> couple of bad beats, awful monkey tilt and about two weeks later (couldn't play much in the huuuge tilt I was in, it was better to stay away from the tables) the bonus was done and I ended losing $300 WITH the bonus. Nice going by me. Not bad though considering I was at -$1100 at worst. Then I got my game back together and some hands held up <3

Oh well, after that I obv cashed out all I had on pokerroom and started thinking where to go next. I wanted to go on some big site with good software, I hated pokerroom software and I blame it partially for my tilt. After some thinking I thought Full Tilt might be a good site for me considering its name and my first two weeks of April... And it was. I love the software as good as stars imo except for one thing: the tables should notify you with more than a tiny beep when it's asking you to post blinds. I keep missing blind posts when I'm opening my tables if I'm even slightly disturbed with surfing or msn or whatever. I'm used to it now though and it never was a major problem anyway.

Some people were saying here on LPnet that FTP is a rock garden but I disagree. There are enough fishes and while some tables might have a lot of nits just keep looking for better tables... I started at FTP by running really hot, but I think my game has improved too (thanks Muhweli and Robbie!). Now I'm down to earth again... After having a +$500 session last week, I've lost all that and a little more in the two last session. Played a session today and ended up for a change, +$83, ship it! o/

Could've been a lot better again I guess, I made some stupid moves especially against short stacks. Really need to get rid of that habit but I have 0 respect for short stacks and that costs surprisingly lot sometimes.

Also lost JJ v KK on QJx flop, all-in right there -> turn A -> river T -> seweri õ.O

Oh well, I guess I had it coming after running so hot in the start. I'm still 6.62 PTBB / 100 after 8393 hands. I'd post graph but my poker patterns isn't co-operating with me right now...

My roll now is $5k+ and I'm semihappy with that but I really really want to get to $7k and give NL200 a try. I might start taking stabs at NL200 when I get to $6k during weekends when the games are softer. I also had to cashout $500 to get my plane tickets for the summer. I'm going on a two weeks trip with two friends in July. We'll go to Amsterdam (4 nights) from there to London (4 nights) and from there to Barcelona (5 nights)! o/

I'll probably need a new vacation after this one but whatever :D Looking forward to a lot of this

and this

and this

And quite a lot of this

Ok this was massive, I hope someone found it interesting enough to read. Maybe I'll post the next update in less than 1,5 month. Bye!

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