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AntonChan   Canada. Apr 04 2007 23:34. Posts 113
I played 2k hands today. Down 5 buy ins, made some very very bad plays.

One thing. I'm playing too many tables. Unless I can fix my ability to play SLOWER (I make plays way to fast because I guess I don't want to time out on the other tables...) I'll have to play less tables. I moved from 6-8 tables... not good.

I felt like I was improving, and when I started playing today I started getting sucked out, and started losing money real fast. I kept spewing too (I was looking at pokertracker and I was spewed 50% of the $$ I lost, the other half was suckaments). I blamed that part from being tired and playing instead of sleeping.

So I took a nap, and I was refreshed. In the next session I noticed that I was playing much better, but things quickly started to go downhill. I started getting tired and lost my patience, but I still wanted to break even for the day, I used the excuse of playing 2k hands so instead of being down 3 buy ins i was down 2 more. I played so bad this session, yuck.

So I started making some awful plays, plays which I only realized AFTER I made them. I was like, wtf. I know I'm beat, or that I should fold, but a lot of times I just can't (When I'm playing my a-game, I would fold easily, and would at least try not to pot commit myself).

Here are some hands which I played horribly:
Not only did I misclick fold. There was a noticable straight draw out there... I didn't even see it! I was way too tired to play and once that happens mistakes are made.
I put mike on a straight (not a flush). Knowing how he plays it was a pretty shitty play imo because he wouldn't call with shit like Q9, and even with KQ I would have beat him... terrible terrible flat by me.
I think I played that ok
This was a terrible terrible call. It just doesn't make much sense why I'd call this. When I have AQ and someone reraises me I should fold even with a draw there. It wouldn't make sense why someone would raise in an already huge pot just on a draw. Ugh, what was I thinking

I'm going to take a break from this game for a few days to possibly a week. I'm going to really study the hands that I played and how I could've improved on it. I'm going to study like mad, I'm determined to learn this game. The fact is. I'm frustrated not because I haven't made money in the last 2-3 weeks (I've been stagnating, basically from a lot of spews and beats) and I'm getting really frustrated more because I seem to not be learning from my mistakes.

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