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EV in Multiway Pots

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FMLuser   Canada. Jul 27 2016 09:52. Posts 45
Using the formula EV=F(P)+C(%W*$W)-C(%L*$L) how can this be expanded to account for multiway split pots? Has any one come up with a solution for N numbers of players and multiple split pots?

I am thinking it can be as simple as:

Main Pot EV (EV vs Player 1) + (EV vs Player 2)
Side Pot EV (EV vs Player 2 for amount of Side Pot)
Total EV = Sum of Main Pot EV and Side Pot EV

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PolarFox   United States. Jul 28 2016 03:33. Posts 103

pretty sure equilab and flopzilla already do this

FMLuser   Canada. Jul 28 2016 06:53. Posts 45

yes but what is the math they use to solve this?

Baalim   Mexico. Jul 28 2016 10:16. Posts 34139

odds of x scenario happening * value + odds of y scenario happening * value + odds of z scenario happening * value etc...

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