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Funfile Invites
  thumbz555, Dec 12 2011

Giving out 7-10 more of these. Reputable members get first crack. No PM's plz, just post your email address below.

Funfile: Private torrent site for Movies/TV Shows/Books/Music/Software/Games/etc.

Invites expire after 3 days or so if I remember correctly; not going to re-send if the invite is returned.

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Brag #2
  thumbz555, Nov 04 2011

For those of you who missed my last entry, life is good with the new phillipino chick.
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  thumbz555, Sep 24 2011

Not poker, life.
Trying to keep this on the low with my RL friends, but gotta brag somewhere!
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PS Neteller/Moneybookers
  thumbz555, May 15 2011

Anyone outside the U.S. withdrawn from Stars to either Neteller or moneybookers? Curious what the fees are to

A: get it from Stars to Neteller/MB and
B. get it from NT/MB to your bank account

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Torrent Site Invites
  thumbz555, May 15 2011

All invites have been given away. If you're a Mod/Green Star/Mr. Big Shot on LP, PM me and I'll see what I can do.

Doganos: Funfile sent
Cruiser: TVTorrents sent
Uick: Funfile Sent
GreenBastard: Funfile Sent
Kaboom: Funfile Sent
Whamm!!: Funfile Sent
Cleaner: Funfile Sent
Night2o1: Funfile Sent
seobombisgay: Funfile sent
Wreckognize: Funfile Sent
jhyun: FF Sent

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T$ 396 for 390
  thumbz555, Apr 04 2011

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T$ 187 for your monies
  thumbz555, Apr 02 2011

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  thumbz555, Apr 01 2011

These don't last long, but a solid $8 gamble!

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Don't call it a comeback
  thumbz555, Mar 26 2011

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Chat Banned?!
  thumbz555, Mar 19 2011

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