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Day review
  fanta[Rn], Mar 17 2007

Good news everyone, after having a really really bad day yesterday the day started as bad as yesterday. You will see that in the added graph. Now you're asking yourself why it's a good news? Well I managed to win all back with a magical right in time hugeass upswing of +7 BI in just 1,000 hands.

I'm really glad I came back up, it was very frustrating just to think about grinding it back up. There was one very very lucky hand that I'd like to open a discussion with. I know I didn't play it well but I have no clue how to play that hand at all.

Here's the hand, I opened a discussion thread. Please feel very welcomed to discuss there.

So long

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NC part 2
  fanta[Rn], Mar 17 2007

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  fanta[Rn], Mar 16 2007

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  fanta[Rn], Mar 15 2007

Good news everyone, my terrible rollercoster session for today is over. Actually I started really good today and made +2 BI in a few hundred hands, then I decided to stop playing because I had a WoW raid (-EV) going on.

Afterwards I was pretty bored so I started to play and well... rollercoaster. I'm still up the 2 BI from earlier today so I'm doing fine.

Signing out now, gotta get ready for uni in some hours and I just got the newest Poker After Dark episode so I'm going to enjoy this one. I hope Tilly makes another priceless move like her "dodge the nuts" move from last episode.

So long

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Poker is ez
  fanta[Rn], Mar 14 2007

Good news everyone, after a fairly good start with +1 BI I went down pretty quickly to almost -3 BI today just to make up for it and get a total of almost +4 BI up at the end of my session.

I don't remember any key hands, but had some suckouts and made some bad calls. As for the graph of today's 3,175 hands it ain't looking too bad imo.

Other than that teemu and me decided to play in the 5$+R 25,000$ guranteed but the whole thing got cancled after Pokerstars went down for some time. Then we played the 10$+1$ freezeout 15,000$ guranteed and both busted due to bad timing.

So long

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Big plans, bad connection
  fanta[Rn], Mar 12 2007

Good news everyone, eventhough I'm half a buyin down from my today's bankroll high I'm still up a bit more than 1 buyin.

I didn't play as much as I wanted today. The tables were really terrible to play this afternoon so I decided to play while it's dark outside.
After quickly winning 2 buyins I had a huge down and lost almost 4 buyins in just a few hands.

I was a bit steaming so I decided to stop playing for a while, that and because FTP went down for some hours which left me with little to do.
I was playing some CS with my friend and I raped dronebabo later eventhough I was lagging alot on his crappy selfhosted server.

Aftewards I was ready to play some poker again, I decided I'd like to play at least 5,000 hands over 12 tables. Unfortunely my connection went out for some time and I didn't feel like playing anymore. Here's today's graph.

I'd be up at least 1 more buyin but I lost a set to a guy who called my shove with a gutshot and a flushdraw. The river helped him out as he completed both draws. Nonetheless I liked the hand.

This also leads me to think that I might play my sets too transparently. And I shouldn't shove them all the time for just a minraise. I should reraise instead of shoving, or what do you think?

Anyway, I'm off for some futurama and eventually the new HSP.

So long

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Day review
  fanta[Rn], Mar 11 2007

Good news everyone, after I crashed and burned 460$ at NL100 I kept my word and moved down to my beloved NL50. It was a pretty good day, if you let out that I lost alot on NL100.

As you can see I've been playing about 4,400 hands today. I'm very pleased with my winningrate but what makes me smile even more is that I finally increased my VPIP and my AF. Had a chat with IRC regular dronebabo and I reread some guy's article here on about preflop play. I'm really happy I loosened up.
Here's the graph, by the end it was really painful to play. Whenever I raised preflop I'd get at least 2 callers. Now you'd think they'll fold to contiunation bets but no, hell no they didn't so I decreased my cbetting for the last session.

All in all it was a good day, eventhough I lost almost 5 BI at NL100. I learned alot about my play and about not being too scared in big pots. And ofcourse about bankroll-management. I think I won't take a shot at NL100 again before I hit at least a 2,000$ bankroll high.

With that all is said so I'm going to chill infront of a Futurama episode.

So long

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Bye NL50, hello NL50
  fanta[Rn], Mar 11 2007

Good news everyone, I finished yesterday with a total BR of 1450$. Today I played NL50 and won the last buyin that I needed for my goal.

Magical 1500$, the bankroll where I decided to take a shot at NL100 swearing myself that I'd move down if I'd lose 5 buyins. So I moved up and played about 1,500 hands.

Well well, doesn't look too impressive. I thought it wasn't too much different from NL50, people played pretty much the same just the pots were higher.

I think it wasn't a bad shot, the first two buyins that I lost were huge suckouts.

First one was when villian thought his overcards and AK flushdraw is good enough to reraise me all-in. I called with my set of sevens and the river gave him his flush. Happens.
Second one was when I had overpair Queens and the guy called down his TPWK just to hit trips on the river.

Nonetheless I have to keep my word and move down, even if I don't feel like it, I just have to. This time I'm not sure if I'll take shots at 1,500$ again or if I'll wait until I have at least 20 buyins for NL100.

So long

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Update of Post 1
  fanta[Rn], Mar 11 2007

Nothing special, just checked the comments and someone said the futurama link leads to my pokergraph.
I updated that.

Here's the link again:

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my blog~
  fanta[Rn], Mar 10 2007

Hello there. After chatting alot with the IRC regulars I came to the conclusion that I want to start a blog. Now I know I'm not exactly the most interesting person on this site and I'm not a highroller either but the purpose of this blog is not to show off or to whine but to improve myself and keep track of what I've done so far. I also think that it might keep me away from tilting and I could set up some milestones which I would try to achieve.

After reading Twisteds first blog entry I decided I'll steal a bit and start with an introduction about myself and mainly about my poker career so far.

The magical age of 18
So two years ago I turned 18 years old, back then I spent my time with playing all sorts of online games and going to a technical school over here in Austria. My days were boring and most of the time I did the same things over and over again. Back then Poker wasn't as popular as it is now among the media however it was very popular around us StarCraft and'ers. People like Rekrul and ElkY started to own up online Poker and earning a big bunch of cash. Ofcourse the way I am, my friend (bioboyAT) and me decided to go with the flow and start playing Poker on Pokerstars.

It was very funny, we both didn't have a clue at all about Texas Hold'Em. While he was starting discovering the CHECK, CALL, FOLD and RAISE buttons I decided to search up the net for how to play Texas Hold'Em. All I knew about poker were the hand rankings and back then I used to pronounce the Flush as >FLASH<.
We both played the playmoney tables without having a clue and crushed and burned ofcourse since you all know what it is like to play the playmoney tables.
Bioboy and me both had a friend from France, we were playing alot of TMA (Team Micro Arena) with him back then and we somehow talked about Poker and found out that he's been playing NLHE for a long long time. He taught us some basic stuff and gave us both 10$. I remember how we were very enthusiastic about the money and how we decided both to not touch it and play the playmoney until we hit at least 100k chips.
To make it shorter, after I got a horrible beat which resulted in me losing all my chips I decided to join up the real money tables to play some NL5. After 5 hands I decided to stop with a 5cent profit. I almost shit in my pants that excited I was. I made the first 5 cent of my poker career and they felt so sweet.
Fast forward, I don't remember when I went busto and lost all the 10$. I decided that playing Penny tables is not worth it and quit Poker for a good time.

After some months Korn[pG] opened up his pokersite pokerstrategy and he was giving away 5$ to everyone who signed up on his site. The site was very good, it had a few good starting articles about poker. Needless to say that I went busto once again and decided not to be part of pokerstrategy again since I was a bit embarassed and didn't feel like being asked about how I went broke.

Another friend (arcsinh[xp]) started to play poker as bioboy told him about pokerstrategy. He also started with 5$ and ran it into 500$ over some months playing FL penny tables.

I was extremly envious about that and decided to start again. By the time Korn's site grew and became more professional, with more articles and live coaches. The site had a quiz, if you passed that online quiz you got 5$ transfered to your Pokerstars account - however in order to pass the test you'd have to study the FL starting articles and master them. I've put in quite some time and studied like mad to pass the quiz and I did. I turned my 5$ into 25$ playing 2c/4c FL tables. I did really well infact and at 25$ pokerstrategy offered you to transfer those 25 bucks to Partypoker giving you additional 50$ for free and another 100$ after you played 10,000 raked hands.

Off to the mirical PartyPoker land, back then the software didn't look like it does now. I've played like mad and run pretty good playing FL tables. My roll grew and grew and at a point I was at 900$. However then the biggest downswing I've ever had kicked in and I fell down to 400$. I decided that I'm not a good pokerplayer at all and before losing the rest of my roll I cashed it out and stopped playing Poker. Again.

Fast foward, I didn't play Poker at all for over a year. Bioboy was playing 3/6 SH FL having a 4000$ roll. Once again I was envious and wanted to give it another try.

December, 2006 - The time Partypoker made the sickest mistake with reload bonuses. There were 4 or 5 up to 200$ reload bonuses for the major PP affiliates, one of them being pokerstrategy. However the bonuses weren't signup-code restricted so basically everyone could get all 4 or 5 bonuses.
I asked bioboy if he could lend me 1,400$ so I could clear at least 2 of the bonuses and get a roll started. He did and I went on a sick week of poker playing over 25,000 hands in just 4 days. I cleared 5 bonuses losing 200$ but however leaving the site with 800$.

SHIT, here I've pressed the "return to last page" button of my mouse and all my writings are gone so now I'll make it alot shorter since I don't feel like spending so much friggin time here.

Cashed in 600$ for a 600$ bonus on FTP and started playing NL10. I had no clue about playing NL before so I started with SH tables. It wen't good in the beginning however I left this stakes with -8BI. Since I was properly rolled I decided to move up to NL25.

Played a shitload of hands in 50 days, 84,000 hands to be more specific and after being almost breakeven I started to be frustrated a bit. Here's the graph anyway.

Oh.. wait, wrong one.

Almost identical.

Decided to take a break for a week and fixing up my account so I can get a rakeback deal. It worked out and since I was breakeven - however +600$ up from the signup bonus I decided to move up once again to NL50.

Fast forward, I moved up to 1300$ and then went on a huge downswing + tiltfest down to 194$. Now frustration really kicked in, decided that I'd need a big break so I lost interest in poker for almost 2 and a half weeks.

Rakeback for my first month saved my bankroll and I was properly rolled for NL25. This time I decided to play it serious to set myself goals and to read alot of 2+2 poker articles.
My goals were to reach 750$ over at least 20,000 hands and then give NL50 a try - however I swore myself that I have to move down to NL25 again if I fall back to a 500$ roll.

Here is how it went.

I was very pleased with that and thought it was a good result eventhough I came into a rather big down near the end. I've reached my goal and decided to give NL50 a shot with a bankroll of ~800$.

And that's where I'm currently, I started to play NL50 again at the begin of March. I'm pleased so far and I'll take a shot at NL100 real soon.

I know it's kinda swingy but I really don't get why as I think my playstyle didn't change too much. Infact I got a bit nitty lately and I definately want to work on that.

Guess that'd be the end of my first entrance, hope you enjoyed it.

Small Gimmick: bioboy showed me a site where you can watch Futurama online, I love to watch those after I'm having a tough poker day as it really cheers me up and makes me laugh.
Futurama LINK

So long.

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