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Buying Merge Money
  exalted, May 09 2012

Would like to put my USA bank funds to good use! I will give you Paypal for your Merge at .86, you send first.

I am reputable and am active both on LP and as a player on Merge. PM if interested!

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Getting married! [photos
  exalted, Apr 01 2012

Hired a company to take wedding photos. Here we are:

Haven't received the full set of pictures from the company yet. It is common in Taiwan to make a wedding picture "photo-book" - everyone about to marry usually goes and has one made. I received a modeling coaching session from Tutz before the shoot so I am confident the final product will turn out OK. Enjoy!

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Time to power up!
  exalted, Feb 03 2012

Things have been a little rough lately, but I feel energized and positive about the future. To briefly summarize:

- Had a great December (~16k) mostly online but lost a fair amount back in January

- Lost ~9k in trip to Macau mostly from bad bankroll management (not bringing enough)

That said I have a lot to work and look towards. I'm going later to a live game in my city for the first time. I am a tad worried about safety / game-riggedness but I'll take it easy and walk away if necessary. Next month I plan to go to APPT Seoul so I need to harvest minerals for that.

As a potential blogsaver this is the gf's bungee jump off the Macau Tower:

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Update from Macau
  exalted, Jan 13 2012

I'm in the middle of a Macau trip with the girlfriend. Poker-wise, the trip has been a little rough - I took a shot at 100/200 HKD, the table became a "must-move", became 3handed, and I lost a huge AQo vs TT allin pre. Besides that I've been playing well so nothing to really complain about. We've been playing at the Wynn, which is pretty cool as it's packed with high-stakes tables; I really need to get my act (bankroll) together and enter that arena. I saw Johnny Chan (@300/600) and heard that Ivey and Antonius are at the nearby Starworld playing nosebleeds. Not so much a fan of Ivey after hearing his exorbitant/mo salary at FTP but will maybe check it out.

Outside of poker, Anna went bungy jumping off the Macau Tower, the world's highest jump. I didn't participate but will probably be forced into it the next time she jumps. She really enjoyed it and is uploading the vid to Youtube, so I'll have her blog about it. Took her to Morton's which was pretty nice. Now she has a constant craving for crab cakes! That's about it for now - will post pics when we get back to Taiwan.

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Streaming Street Fighter 4~
  exalted, Nov 14 2011

Streaming some Arcade Edition action - come check it out, even if you've never played before!

Say hello in the chat:

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Okay, Sept. is over
  exalted, Oct 01 2011

Just want to churn this entry out so I can move on and put it past me.

September has been mentally brutal. After my last blog entry, I didn't really make any changes to my diet or (lack of) exercise routine. I continued to maintain decent volume online but continued the standard "run bads".

My play started to deteriorate and I had small tilt bursts, specifically against shortstacks (where you can assuage yourself that the mistake "wasn't that bad").

There have been so many small but important things to take care of and many other little things that are "slightly life-tilting". But ultimately my life has slowly shifted to a suboptimal state. There hasn't been much for me to look forward to lately and I feel weak and powerless.

I'm going to state specific steps I will take to improve my situation. I tend to like to set grandiose goals and then never get to them, so one step at a time. I will at the very least maintain these and then step it up week by week.

- 20 pushups avg. daily
- play badminton 1x a week
- jog around neighborhood 1x a week
- take dog out walking 1x week (not my dog)

These are pretty pathetic even by American standards but one week at a time. I used to be pretty fit but I have to admit those days are long over. I'm currently 170cm/81.6kg so no more procrastinating.

That's about it. Finally, would like to discuss with Forex traders and enthusiasts so please PM if you're into that.

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Wake me up when Sept...
  exalted, Sep 22 2011

Frustrating month. Was a tough grind until a successful shot a few days ago. Then obviously the "EV" goes back. Lost many 90%s for lots of money.

This happened last month as well, but I only am complaining because of my current fragile mindset. Lots of small things tilting me and I'm definitely not playing my best (mistakes I don't want to admit). Need to de-tilt and return to normal.

Some things tilting me:
- at some of my worst physical shape ever
- all the FTP news leading to stupid speculation on whether I'll see funds
- relationship issues
- thinking about future plans

I want to start trading Forex - please PM if anyone is willing to discuss some.

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How to post Merge HH on LP?
  exalted, Aug 29 2011

Quick question - is there a way to get Merge HHs to show correctly on LP's hand converter? Want to post a hand on the forums but the Merge HH format is really weird and isn't converting properly. Thanks!

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Summer Update
  exalted, Jul 28 2011

Since I don't visit 2+2 at all, I'm disappointed that LP seems a lot less active. Obviously, after Black Friday most Americans have nothing to talk about. This is in stark contrast to Teamliquid - if there's a controversial topic, the thread balloons to 15 pages overnight (a little TOO active, IMO). The whole aura here has gotten a lot more gloomy.

I played pretty much exclusively on FTP, with ~90% of my net worth stuck there now. I have been silent since I didn't want to induce fear-mongering (looking at you, Whamm!), but yeah, the situation sucks right now. Since I don't have any insider information on this, there isn't much else for me to comment or speculate on.

I have been playing on Merge (level 70 Barbarian, yo!). Does that make me the most powerful Hero on Liquidpoker? It's alright but really needs an influx of new players. Above nl200, there is little traffic and it is comprised of regulars. Perhaps that just is a sign of the stagnant poker economy (at least in NL). Girlfriend has been grinding on Stars - apparently < nl100 is good, nl100+ not so much.

Tonight, I'm heading to Macau for 4 nights to renew my Taiwan visa and live poker. There isn't much to do besides gambling and saunas so this trip is going to be mostly business. Going to be playing 20/40 HKD at the Lisboa and will try out the Wynn this weekend. If this trip goes well, will strongly consider attending the Red Dragon which is in early August. Will write a trip report when I get back!

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Streaming Street Fighter 4
  exalted, Jul 14 2011

Finally worked out the quirks of streaming (followed Destiny's guide on Teamliquid) and am currently streaming Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. Even if you don't play the game, drop by and say hello. I talk while playing as long as there are no spiders present. My main is Ken but I'll play other characters on request

The link:

I'll probably get back into playing Starcraft 2 as soon as I lose the irresistable urge of Street Fighter!

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